Call Blocker from MagicFeatures

No-Nonsense Call Blocker from MagicFeatures

Call blocker from MagicFeaturesMagicFeatures is a plugin for magicJack, adding or enhancing over 20 of magicJack’s features. Many readers will appreciate the call blocker it includes to prevent nuisance calls. MagicFeatures costs $19.95, but it’s a one time expense; there is no additional monthly or annual fee. Once installed, the plugin improves the features and call quality of magicJack. Check it out:

7 Digit Local Area Dialing
You only need to dial 7 digits for local phone calls.

Anonymous Call Blocker (77/87)
Calls arriving without caller identification information will be blocked.

Automated Extension Number Dialing
Speed dial numbers support pausing the dialing sequence, for example, to add an extension number.

Automated Phone Card Dialing
Speed dial numbers also support automatically pausing the dialing sequence to add a credit card number.

Blocked Call Chime with Caller ID
Blocked calls will briefly chime the phone remind you that blocking is active. This can be enabled or disabled at your discretion.

Caller ID with Name
The caller’s name and number is sent to your phone after the first ring. If their name isn’t available using a reverse lookup, the caller’s location will be displayed.

Call Forwarding
Dial 72 to enable call forwarding, and dial 73 to disable it.

Call Location Lookup
Dial **5 on your phone at any time during the call. MagicFeatures will attempt a reverse number lookup to display a map showing the calling party’s loaction.

Call Recording
Dial *** on your phone at any time during the call to start call recording. Note that this does not work on the magicJack Plus dongles.

Call Return
Dial 69 to return the call to the last caller that called your phone number.

Call Waiting Caller ID
The caller’s name and number will be displayed for waiting calls.

Call Waiting Disable
You can disable call waiting for all calls in the Features Dashboard. It will remain disabled until you re-enable it.

Disable Call Waiting
If you don’t want to be disturbed on a call, you can dial 70, wait for a dialtone, then dial a phone number. Call waiting is disabled during the call, and restored after you hang up.

Do Not Disturb
This is the ultimate call blocker – all incoming calls will be blocked. Blocked calls are either hung up or sent to voice mail (see Hangup Blocked Calls, below).

Double Ringing (for External Answering Machine Pickup)
Ringing is done in 3 second intervals instead of the standard 6 second intervals.

Hangup Blocked Calls
Calls blocked by Selective Call Rejection, Priority Calls Only, or Anonymous Call Blocker are hung up rather than being routed to voice mail.

Last Number Redial (Dial 66)

Do not disturb sign

Priority Calls Only (Dial 64/84)
Only calls from specified numbers will be accepted – an intelligent call blocker!

Priority Call Ringing
Calls arriving from the Priority Call table will be given a unique ring.

Priority Call Waiting
Your Caller ID will put a ‘P’ before the callers name for priority phone callers. You might want this call.

Selective Call Rejection
Call Blocker – it’s a beautiful thing. Enter the telephone number(s) you want to block, and you’ll not hear from them again.

Speed Dial
You can create up to 50 speed dial numbers for your magicJack.

Talking Caller ID
The caller’s name / location and number can be verbally announced.

Voice Mail (Dial 98)
Dial 98 for quick access to your voice mail messages.

Hassled and harried manThe reason I like MagicFeatures? It automatically gives magicJack a higher priority so you hear less static while conversing. I use some of the other features offered by MagicFeatures, but the higher computer priority and the call blocker mentioned above are what make this software worth its weight in gold. Note that while magicJack will work with most Windows computers and with Intel based Mac computers, MagicFeatures will only work with Windows. It’s sad, but there you have it.

Note that I’m an affiliate seller for MagicFeatures, which means if you buy their software using the link below, I receive some compensation – not a lot, but it helps pay for the bandwidth for this site. You don’t pay any more for the software because I got paid, and you won”t get a lesser price elsewhere if you don’t buy the software here.

So, let’s see. Disclosure that I’m an affiliate seller for MagicFeatures and earn a few dollars on each sale. Check. Quick run through of the features / benefits of the program. Check. Ah, yes – how to purchase the program. Just click on this MagicFeatures link, and you’ll be whisked off to their web site. Beauty!