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Please be aware that I'm not affiliated with magicJack or with MagicFeatures. I'm just a user helping other users, so I can't do much good with any billing problem or account problems you may have. If you have problems with your magicJack, please take a look at one of the following eBooks for guidance:

  • The Magic Within: will magicJack work for You? An eBook which discusses magicJack myths and facts, and helps you determine whether magicJack is for you?
  • The Magic Within: magicJack problems and Solutions Many of the questions and problems faced by magicJack owners laid out in this eBook, together with their solutions.
  • The Magic Within: magicJack Advanced Some advanced tricks and techniques users have developed to make the little magicJack dongle more useful.
  • The Magic Within: magicJack Tips and Tricks The contents of all three of the eBooks above have been pulled together in this eBook - an encyclopedia of all things magicJack.

If you purchase the ebook best suited for your situation, you can peruse it to find what others have done to address your issue. If the book doesn't answer your question(s), feel free to contact me at the email address you'll receive with the download link for the ebook. Your purchase will help pay for the site's bandwidth, and will serve you well as a reference.

If you have a question for the webmaster regarding the site or would like to discuss advertising opportunities on the site, please use the form below.



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