Free calls on your smartphone!

iPod, showing appsNew MagicJack App – Free Calls on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod!!

MagicJack has engineered another major shake up in the phone industry – free calls for iPads and iPod touch users. The app works by allowing users’ smartphones to access their Magic Jack phone number and make calls in wi-fi enabled hotels, restaurants, airports, etc, using a service they call MagicNumber. You can now make more calls with a less expensive plan – if you do so while sipping latte in Starbucks. The app uses your magicJack account to make your call over an available wi-fi network rather than burning plan minutes. You can even use the MagicNumber service for free, even if you don’t have a magicJack account.

Free Calls on a Free App; How Great is This!

The Apple app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store – and the best part is that the app itself is free. This app can be an incredible values for those who have ditched their land lines and have been relying on their smart phone to make calls from home and while on the road. Simply eliminating your conventional home phone service may save you $500 – $800 per year, but if you had to buy a mobile plan with more minutes, it sucks out some of the fun. On the other hand, if you can eliminate your home phone service without paying for any more cell phone time, the joy is back. On the road, you can take advantage of wi-fi hotspots to reduce the number of minutes you burn still further. You’ll be able to drop to a cheaper iPhone plan and chat with a smile on your face.

NOTE: on your Apple device, choose Apple’s “Settings” and set “Notifications” to “ON”. Then scroll down and set “magicJack” to “ON”. If you disable Apple notifications, you will not receive incoming calls.

Other Apps are Available as Well

MagicJack has also launched a similar app for Android phones, as well as an app for the new Kindle Fire – check back here for the latest and greatest!

One other note: You can make calls to almost anywhere in the United States or Canada with your Magic Jack, and the same holds true with your new smartphone app. You can even call from international locations, as long as you have an adequate internet connection.

No Conventional Conference Calling

Your Magic Jack will not call free conference call sites however, nor will it allow outgoing calls to some rural locations. In both cases, the  issue relates to high termination fees charged by rural telephone companies. Since it charges customers only a few dollars a month for phone service, Magic Jack simply doesn’t connect to those locations. There are workarounds available using Google Voice or Skype, however.