Here’s How… Customizing Your Voicemail


Customizing MagicJack’s Voice Mail System

In magicJack’s early days, voicemail was a ‘One Size Fits All’. If you didn’t pick up the phone by the 4th ring, your caller was diverted to magicJack’s servers, and they were given the option of leaving a voicemail. As the account holder, your only option was to modify the message the caller heard when they went to voice mail. If you’re new to magicJack, here’s how to personalize your outgoing message:

Personalize Your Outgoing Message

There are several ways to access and change the outgoing message for your magicJack vocemail account:

  • From the magicJack softPhone window, click on the Vmail button at the lower right of the window, then press zero on your keypad to personalize the voicemail settings.
  • From your magicJack telephone, dial your 10 digit telephone number, then press zero to personalize your voicemail settings
  • From a phone other than your magicJack phone:
      – Dial your 10 digit magicJack number
      – Press the * key
      – Enter your password (default is 1234 – you should change this if you haven’t already!)
      – Follow the prompts to personalize your settings

Set Your Voicemail Options

Login to your magicJack account to turn your voicemail on or off. If you elect to leave voicemail turned on you can adjust the number of times the phone will ring before sending the caller to voicemail. You can also elect whether to access your voicemail via your phone or, additionally, whether you want it sent to an email account. If you elect to have your voicemail sent to your email, you’re able to tell magicJack which email address to use. Let’s take a little closer look at the workings of the new settings. If you’d like to look at a larger version of one of the pictures below, click on it and a new tab will open – giving you something you can actually read.

Adjust the time delay before callers are sent to voicemailYou can access the screen to the left by logging into your magicJack account, hovering over the “Call Features” tab, and selecting “Voicemail On/Off/Delay” from the dropdown menu. Your registered magicJack devices are listed in the following screen. Clicking on the toggle switch adjacent to the device listing turns voicemail on (or off) for that magicJack dongle, and clicking on the “Delay Before Voicemail” dropdown lets you set the voicemail to anything from 5 seconds to 3 minutes. This is great for those caught in the bathroom when the phone begins to ring, those who are just rolling out of bed as the phone rings, or those who are simply moving a little too slowly to catch the call before the 4th ring. If you use your magicJack to receive faxes, it also allows time for your fax machine to pick up before the message goes to voice mail. You can also use this setting to allow your own answering machine to grab messages, while still keeping magicJack’s voicemail system on line in the event your answering machine fails.

Retrieving Voicemail Messages

Once set up in your account settings, your magicJack voicemail system is always on. It works if you have a power failure, if you have 10 calls come in simultaneously, or if you’ve unplugged your magicJack and have it  in your pocket. There are four ways to access your voicemail messages:

  1. If you leave voicemail turned on, your messages will always be available for replay by clicking on the “Vmail” button at the lower right of the magicJack softphone window.
  2. Your messages are available by dialing your own phone number on your magicJack phone, then follow the prompts to retrieve your messages. (Hint: this may be a good number to store as a speed dial numbers in MagicFeatures).
  3. Alternately, dial your own number from any other phone and wait until you hear your outgoing message. Press * on the phone’s keypad during your outgoing message. MagicJack will prompt you for your four digit PIN number, then playback your messages.
  4. Change the email address where magicJack sends email For those wishing to receive voicemail messages via email, login to your magicJack account, hover over the “Call Features” tab and select “Voicemail vie Email” from the dropdown list. The next screen will present you with a listing of your registered magicJack devices in the first column, a toggle switch to turn the voicemail to email service on (or off) in the second column, and in the third column you can select an email account to use with your voicemail once you have the service activated. Voicemail coming to your account is stored by magicJack’s servers as mp3 files and attached to an email sent to you.

That’s all there is to it! Free yourself from your conventional phone provider and check out magicJack. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it’s not too steep, and you’ll find you’re rewarded each month – in your bank account.

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