Here’s How… Leaving a Forwarding Number with Magic Jack

Fortunately, Some Can

Still Leave a Forwarding Number

Old call features screen, allowing a forwarding numberThe short version: many people can’t leave a forwarding number with MagicJack any longer. The old login account screen is shown to the right, and the new login screen is shown below. You can click on each of the pictures to get a larger (legible) view – notice anything missing?

New Call Features screen - missing field for a forwarding numberMagicJack left a lot of users high and dry by disconnecting their call forwarding service. Apparently, magicJack was getting hammered by high termination fees for the calls they forwarded.

Workarounds to Leave a Forwarding Number

Here are several workarounds which may allow you to leave a forwarding number:

  • Before panicking, the first option is to login to your account. Then, while you’re still logged in, open a second browser tab at this page; you may find the call forwarding option is available there. I just did so minutes ago, (Nov 3, 2013), and while Call Forwarding no longer shows up on my account when I log in normally, it is available on the second browser tab I opened (shown below). Happily, I’m still able to leave a forwarding number.
  • MagicJack will allow some customers to add money to their account to pay for each minute of each forwarded call. Not too appealing, but there it is. If you really need call forwarding, this will allow you to leave a forwarding number. Oddly, magicJack has not made this option available to all its customers.
  • A third option is to get GVJack, and use Google Voice together with a used or expired magicJack to provide call forwarding. Google has committed to keeping Google Voice free through 2013.

Making Call Forwarding More Convenient

If you are still able to leave a forwarding number using one of the first two tricks above, MagicFeatures can make it easier to use magicJack’s call forwarding service:

  • call-forwarding-iconWhile you’re at your computer, bring up the MagicFeatures dashboard. The section that deals with call forwarding is on the right side toward the bottom – you may need to scroll to access it. The image to the right shows the section of the dashboard you’re interested in. Using the dashboard is somewhat more convenient than having to login to your magicJack account, in that you don’t need insert your username and password to control call forwarding. There is a more convenient way to access call forwarding using MagicFeatures though, as described below.
  • The simplest way to control call forwarding with MagicFeatures is to pick up your magicJack phone and dial #72 to turn on call forwarding, followed by the the number you’d like your calls forwarded to. If you always forward your calls to the same number, put that number in the MagicFeatures dashboard. Just dial #72 and hang up; your calls will be forwarded to that number. When you no longer want to use the call forwarding feature, dial #73 from your magicJack phone to turn it off.

The additional convenience of MagicFeatures for call forwarding (and other features) is great, but if you’re using magicJack Plus, you must have it plugged into the USB port of a computer – MagicFeatures won’t work with magicJack Plus if it’s plugged directly into a router or modem. I like features such as call blocking provided by MagicFeatures – so I’ve elected to keep my magicJack plugged into a low power computer.

Call it what you will – call routing, call diversion, or call forwarding – the need to keep in touch is a growing concern in today’s society. Check out the MagicFeatures 7 day free trial or the free trial for GVJack and see what you think!

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