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Porting Your Number Into MagicJack

More fees, no more serviceYou may have been favorably impressed using magicJack to make phone calls, and decide it’s time to port your number to magicJack and cut the phone line to your old phone company. This shouldn’t be a huge step at this point, assuming you’ve already put magicJack through its paces with no major hick-ups. Actually porting your number to magicJack is relatively simple, and the rewards begin to pile up immediately after you pay your last telephone bill.

Starting the Porting Process

The first step in porting your number is to login to your account, hover over the “Phone Numbers” tab, and select “Transfer” from the drop down list. On the screen that turns up next, click on the “Transfer my Number” button, then (if you have more than one magicJack) select the account you’d like to port your number to and click “Next”. Note that the next screen indicates there is a one time charge of $10 to port your number – but that’s not the whole story. The $10 fee is just get rid of your old phone number. There is an additional $19.99 to port your landline number to your magicJack, and then there is a $9.95 per year to ‘maintain’ your ported number. This seems like a lot of fees – especially the $9.95 annual fee. Perhaps magicJack feels this is a good way to collect money while rendering little or no additional service.

Is Porting Worthwhile?

Bottom line: you have to ask yourself if you want the extra bit of hassle and expense to keep your old number, versus getting a new unpublished number that is (for the moment) unknown to telemarketers. A new number from magicJack remains unpublished at no cost to you.

If you feel the fees are acceptable, click on the green “I understand and would like to change my number” to initiate the porting process. Note that it takes about 5-10 business days to complete, so schedule accordingly. While your phone number is being ported, your old phone company should continue to provide service, but keep a cell phone handy while the porting process is underway.  Note that the process is handled entirely by the ‘destination’ phone company (in this case, by magicJack), so your current phone provider doesn’t need to be part of the process – in fact, magicJack says you “should not contact your phone carrier to disconnect the service”. That should take care of porting your number, if you should elect to do so.

… and Porting Your Number Out of MagicJack

How to port a number out after logging into magicJackThere is another side to this coin. You may want to port your number from the magicJack system to another internet phone service at some point in time. The magicJack FAQ indicates that “… requests should be initiated by your new service provider, who will coordinate the transfer”. The FAQ goes on to say “When we receive the request we will email you. A fee of $30.00 applies.”

I’m not too sure that that’s accurate – the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) says that “your old company may not refuse to port your number, even if you owe money for an outstanding balance or termination fee” [Emphasis: FCC website]. Read through the FCC page yourself and determine how you’d like to proceed. The good folks at seem to feel payment isn’t necessary (see their forum posting on the matter).

Good luck, and welcome the the world of IP phone companies.

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