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Magic Jack was formerly named as an Editor's Choice at CNET, and has worked well for millions of customers. Unfortunately, there are thousands of other customers who curse the day they began using Magic Jack.

Perhaps the most bothersome aspect is Magic Jack customer service, or lack thereof. Customer Service Scoreboard rated Magic Jack customer service as abysmal, giving it only 30 points out of a possible 200. Support groups have sprung up on the Internet to address problems as users encountered them, but it's difficult and time-consuming to hunt all over the Internet looking for those resources, so I've listed a few of them below:

  • Magic Jack Customer Service has a Frequently Asked Questions page on their web site to answer some questions. This information relates relates primarily to the buying decision, however. Can I port my current phone number to magicJack, is 911 supported, etc.
  • Magic Jack also offers the ability to chat with a Live Agent via chat on their web site. As long as your questions are basic, common questions, you may have some luck with this feature.
  • Many users have encountered more complex problems while using Magic Jack, and have turned to forums such as the “unofficial Magic Jack support forum” or a similar forum which discusses more general VoIP issues, broadband

There are many other online resources which can help fill the void left by the nearly non-existent Magic Jack customer service.

Calls that Won't Connect

One of the most common complaints about Magic Jack is that its advertising leads consumers to believe they can make free phone calls anywhere in the United States and Canada – which is not entirely true. Bear with me for a couple paragraphs while I outline some of the billing practices of the telephone industry.

If a customer of  Telephone Company A wants to call a friend who uses Telephone Company B, Company A has to pay a fee to Company B to “terminate” the call at the friend's house. Normally these termination fees are very small – less than 1¢ per minute.

There are significant variations in these termination fees, however – notably in rural areas where the cost to provide telephone service is very high. The FCC realized there are great distances between houses and the low volume of calls, so they allow higher termination fees in those rural areas. These rural fees average about 6¢ per minute, and provide additional revenue for the rural telephone company to construct and maintain their lines.

Traffic Pumping

Some enterprising companies decided to take advantage of those higher termination fees by setting up free conference call sites in a scheme called ‘traffic pumping'. When conference call attendees dial in, each of their phone companies are responsible for paying a termination fee to the rural telephone company – and that fee can be upwards of 20¢ per minute. It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars, which the rural phone company then splits with the company that set up the conference call system.

It's a bit much to try to pay a bill that large when you're charging your customers less than $2.00 per month. Magic Jack successfully argued to the FCC that they weren't a conventional phone company, and so doesn't have to provide service to those rural areas. As a result, there are places you can't call using Magic Jack. As it turns out, there are workarounds – for example, the use of GVJack to make the calls MagicJack won't connect.

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Do you have a question or comment about magicJack customer service (or lack thereof)? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.


12 thoughts on “Magic Jack Customer Service”

  1. I now grow tired of being led around- My was a charge of $37.73 made to my master card without out my okay?

    1. Greeting Joe –
      If I was with magicJack, I may be able to do you some good – but I’m just a user helping other users. Let me know if you need help turning off the auto-pay option in your account settings – that much I can do.


    1. Greetings Cindy!
      Are you able to login to your account at magicJack? If so, can you verify they extended your subscription?

      Let me know, and we’ll try to sort out the next step to making it work once again!


  2. Lost
    the dial tone, out of no where. Phone book and all other related items
    left intact, but couldn’t get a tone, answering machine didn’t accept
    calls, no messages left except messages did go to my e-mail account, to
    be played back as a wav. file in Windows Media Player. After going
    through everything, machine, up dated the software(using MJ GO) checking
    all connections cords cables, etc. Determined that MAYBE) 1 or more of
    the circuits that control dial tone and whatever else, might have taken a
    surge. About to consider purchasing a new module but tried 1 more
    Running Windows 7 Pro, just in case you needed to know. Have my updates
    set to advise but not install, my choice. Well, lucky me. Remembered
    installing some “critical” updates on 8/16/15. Did a system restore back
    to that restore point and oo-lah, all functions with MJ are now back.
    Never paid attention to which of the critical s were done and exactly
    how many, so can’t pin point the culprit but it was 1 from Microsoft
    that caused the problem. MS is slowly dictating what you can and can’t
    do with, not only their programs but addons as well .Who of thunk

    I think this is the start of of the end to user control. Again, this
    started as a complaint and I know the loss of dial tone goes back much
    further than my current 8/15 but it really makes you stop and think.

    Mine is not so much a complaint as it is a solution, at least in my
    case. I just ask you as a reader,(and I know this is just 1 site) might
    have more knowledge as to who and where else to pass this info on to. If
    you do, do others out there a big favor and get this experience and
    solution out there to the masses. Exactly how it was done, I have no
    idea exactly which update did it.

    If you too might have or know someone who has gone down this road, LET
    THEM KNOW> Doubt if it was intentional on MS’s part but you never

    If, after a system restore, you get a notice that the restore was not
    successful, go into safe mode and do it again and it does and will work.
    Good luck and watch what you update.

    1. Huge thanks for spreading the word Jim!
      If I can sort out what the problem update was, I’ll be sure to post a page about it. I’m also using Windows 7 Pro, and didn’t have the update problem – but that may be because I’m still using the original magicJack from 2009. (!!)

      If anyone else has had problems with magicJack Go and updates pushed to your computer by Microsoft, let us know – perhaps we can find the common denominator that caused Jim’s problem.


  3. I got my visa credit card bill for November the other day. I noticed that on Nov 6th, I was charged $37.73 twice. I wanted to renew for one year. Can you please credit my visa account for $37.73? Thank you.

    1. Hi Katherine –

      Hopefully you’ve gotten this resolved since posting the question. I’m not with magicJack (not even affiliated with them), so you’ll have to take up any account issues with them directly by using their TechChat Service. Hopefully they can sort out any glitches in your account.

      Best of luck with it – Dennis

  4. I have paid for five years of magic Jack plus and in my second year I get no tone or error please go to magic I don´t know why such problema.

    1. Hi Roberto –

      You should try contacting the magicJack TechChat Service to find out why you don’t get a dial tone. Did it work before you purchased the 5 year package? See if they can shed some light on the matter. I don’t work for magicJack, and I’m not affiliated with them, so I can’t do you much good trying to sort out the problem.

      Best of luck with it –


  5. I got a “magic-Jack Go on 1-10-2016 and signed up for 5 years.  My order # is xxxxxxx.  Now I’m told I have to renew—-what gives??

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