MagicJack Login Problems


MagicTalk and MagicJack Login Problems

MagicTalk signup screenIf your computer’s USB port doesn’t ‘see’ your Magic Jack dongle when the program initializes, it will put a MagicTalk splash screen on you monitor.

Don’t sign up for that service!!

Just close out of the screen and shut down your computer. Put your Magic Jack into another USB port; if you don’t have any empty port, switch it with another USB device. Reboot the computer – it should detect the Magic Jack as the installation proceeds, and leave you with the Magic Jack soft phone screen we’ve all come to know and love.

Some Have Problems with the USB Cable

Note that the short USB cable that ships with Magic Jack has gone bad for some users, so try to find a spot where you can install it without the cable if your problem persists. Eliminating the cable is just a precaution to ensure the USB port can detect the Magic Jack – not a condemnation of the cable. My little cable is still in good working order after 3 years.

Here are a couple of other considerations:

  • Make sure the USB port has adequate power to operate the MagicJack and phone. Generally the ports on the back of a desktop computer or those in a laptop will have adequate power, but USB splitters are frequently underpowered. You can ensure your Magic Jack has adequate power by connecting it to a powered USB hub if you suspect it may be starved for power.
  • Go to the device manager in Windows [control panel -> system -> device manager (Windows 7) or control panel -> system -> hardware (tab) -> device manager (Windows XP)] and expand the USB section. Delete as many of the USB devices as possible (even your mouse if you’re able to navigate using the keyboard), and reboot. Windows will reinstall all of the USB devices at boot-up.
  • There is always the possibility that your Magic Jack is bad if it isn’t recognized by the USB port. Try it in another computer if possible, and see if the problem disappears.

Magic Jack soft phone interfaceWhat is MagicTalk?

By way of explanation, MagicTalk is another ‘flavor’ of Magic Jack, one which runs on your computer with no need of an external USB dongle to operate – the software loads and runs on the computer itself. It never really caught on, as you had to license each computer that you wanted to use it on. Its use is slowly dying off, but the splash screen that re-appears (as discussed above) can be a source of confusion and aggravation to those who need to make a quick phone call – only to find Magic Jack has placed another hurdle in their path in the form of a MagicTalk splash screen in lieu of Magic Jack’s  normal soft phone interface.

Update – Jan 2013

MagicJack no longer offers the MagicTalk service, although they do offer a similar service for smartphone apps (Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod). That service is called MagicNumber, and allows you to make free calls on your smartphone’s wi-fi connection, rather than burning up plan minutes.