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Is magicJack worth considering for your home phone service?

Have you wondered if magicJack is for you? You may be interested in saving money every year to pay bills or enjoy life a little. Many have tight budgets!. The big question is whether you can make magicJack work for you. Can it really replace your home phone service? Will it work on your internet connection? Are there calling limits? Where can you turn for help if you're having trouble with your magicJack? In short, should you buy a magicJack? This magicJack eBook walks you through the purchasing decision, letting you know about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to magicJack. Before you buy, spend a few dollars to find out what you're getting into. There are all kinds of rumors on the Internet, but what can you really expect from a magicJack? Just $2.99 for 20 pages of easy, informative reading!

The Magic Within: Will magicJack Work for You?

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Problems with your magicJack? Check out this eBook of solutions!

You may already have a magicJack, and need some assistance with a problem. If so, this magicJack eBook is for you. It goes much further than simply giving you installation directions; it also gives solutions to many problems users have commonly encountered. If your phone fails, this will assist you in finding a solution.

You could save a thousand dollars every year purchasing and using a magicJack, but it wouldn't be worthwhile if you can't rely on getting a dial tone when you pick up the phone. Invest a few dollars, decide wisely, and make use of the solutions others have found when they encountered problems. At only $5.95, it's 31 pages of cheap insurance.

The Magic Within: magicJack Problems and Solutions

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Would you like to take your magicJack to the next level?

You've already made the plunge and fired your phone company. Now it's your turn – are you up to the task of running your own company? Can you keep costs down while adding advanced features? This magicJack eBook will serve you well. There are directions for setting up call blocking to eliminate nuisance calls, and ways to turn off call waiting to eliminate bothersome blank spots in your conversations. You can easily access magicJack's call forwarding features, and add speed dialing to its feature list. You can also have magicJack dial the local area code to allow 7 digit local calling. There are many hidden capabilities in magicJack if you know how to set it up and make use of plugins to supercharge its performance. All these features are possible, plus many others. Since you're the CEO of the phone company now, you can authorize spending $3.95 to find out how to make it all happen. It's only 28 pages of light reading, but you may want to delegate the reading to an underling!

The Magic Within: magicJack Advanced

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Here's everything in one magicJack eBook!

Economize! You can get all the magicJack information in the eBooks above in a single magicJack eBook. Learn the good, the bad, and the ugly, from magicJack myths to problem solving to advanced features. You can take your magicJack traveling with you – it literally lets you take your home phone with you while traveling around the world! You can even leave your magicJack at home, but have your home phone ride along on your cell phone, letting you make and receive home phone calls without using any of your plan minutes. It's even possible to make and receive calls between countries anywhere in the world for free using magicJack! The possibilities are nearly endless, and it's all laid out in 61 pages for only $9.95.

The Magic Within: magicJack Tips and Tricks

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Download a free troubleshooting guide for magicJack!

If you'd have a problem, here's a free, short magicJack eBook showing solutions which fix many common magicJack ailments. You may never need it, but it's a good thing to have available if your dial tone suddenly disappears.

The Magic Within: magicJack a Free Report

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Do you have a question or comment about the magicJack eBooks shown above? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from someone who's downloaded and read them.

2 thoughts on “magicJack eBook Downloads”

    1. Hi John,
      Another site visitor commented with a very similar problem. Unfortunately, I’m not with magicJack, and I can’t help with account problems directly. Have you tried magicJack’s live chat staff to see if they can resolve the issue of no calls – or the issue of getting your money back? When you get to that tech chat page, just click on the search button (no need to put anything in the search field), then click on the red “I’m Online!” banner. Note that access to live chat is only from 9AM – 10PM Monday through Saturday, and 10AM – 7PM on Sunday, east coast time in the US (EST).

      Alternately, you can download a short, free report from this page and try bringing your dead magicJack back to life.

      Hope this helps!


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