Call Blocker from MagicFeatures

Setting up MagicFeatures’ Call Blocker

MagicFeatures is a plugin for magicJack, either adding new features or enhancing magicJack’s features. Many readers will appreciate the call blocker it includes to prevent nuisance calls. MagicFeatures costs $19.95, but it’s a one time expense; there is no additional monthly or annual fee. Once installed, the plugin improves the features and call quality of magicJack. Check it out:

MagicFeatures Icon shown in taskbar¬†After you’ve installed MagicFeatures, you’ll see its icon in your taskbar, as shown to the left (click to enlarge the picture). Right click on that taskbar icon, then click on “Features Dashboard” in the pop-up menu. Unfortunately, the MagicFeatures window is fixed in size, so you’ll have to scroll around a bit to see all the pieces of the dashboard. The picture to the left was taken from the lower right quadrant of the dashboard. My apologies for having to struggle getting the dashboard in view. Once you get past that struggle, you’ll appreciate what MagicFeatures has to offer.

The screenshot below shows a checkbox to enable or disable blocking anonymous phone callers – those who hide their caller ID when calling. Just make a selection in the check box, then scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and click the “SAVE CHANGES” button.

Check box to block anonymous callersTo block specific phone numbers, go to the “Selective Call Rejection Table”, shown below. Fill in the number you’d like blocked in the upper field, and click the “Add Specified Number” button. The number will appear in the lower field, and will no longer bother you. Note that you can use * as a wildcard to block all toll free numbers or all callers from a specific area code. For example, to block all callers in the 212 area code, put 212******* in the upper field and click the “Add Specified Number” button. No one in the 212 area code will be able to ring your phone after you’ve hit Selective call blockingthe “SAVE CHANGES” button. You can similarly block specific exchanges by specifying the area code and exchange, followed by four asterisks (417719****). Any caller in the 417-719 exchange will be refused by MagicFeatures. Beauty!

To the best of my knowledge, there is no limit to how many phone numbers you can include in the lower box – I have accumulated more than a dozen numbers. There’s also no limit to how you mix and match numbers. You could have all toll free numbers blocked, as well as 15 other specific numbers on your black list – in addition to blocking all anonymous callers.

Check box to reject blocked callersTo have blocked numbers automatically disconnected, check the box shown below. Anyone on your blocked callers list (“Selective Call Rejection Table”) will simply hear a busy signal. If you leave the box unchecked, the caller will be sent to voice mail. In either case, the caller won’t even ring your phone. Note that this option applies to all blocked callers, whether anonymous callers, callers in a specific blocked area code, or individual blocked numbers. Just remember to click the “SAVE CHANGES” button before closing the MagicFeatures dashboard.

You can also have MagicFeatures sound a Blocked Call Chime when a call is blocked. Put a check the box next to “Blocked Call Chime”, just above “Hangup Blocked Calls” in the picture above. Keep in mind that the option to block all callers (or send them to voice mail) applies to any blocked call – whether an anonymous caller, a selectively blocked number, or a group of numbers blocked using the “*” wildcard. If you have many numbers blocked, you may find this option is a bit of a pain – then just uncheck the box and let silence reign.

Do-Not-Disturb-small MagicFeatures also give your the nuclear call blocking option – Do Not Disturb. To enable this option, just put a check in the box highlighted in the picture to the right. It’s great if you need time to concentrate on that tax return, or just to take a nap. Remember that if you have both “Do Not Disturb” and “Hangup Blocked Calls” checked, and you do not have “Blocked Call Chime” checked, you’ll never know anyone called. The only clue you may get is if you have installed the magicJack app on your smartphone. The MagicFeatures plugin doesn’t affect the magicJack app; you’ll just have to turn it off if you really need a break from the phone.

As before, be certain to check the “SAVE CHANGES” button before exiting the dashboard.

Read more about the additional features possible with MagicFeatures. You’ll be able to do things with your little “Do It Yourself” home phone service that Ma Bell never dreamed of!


Do you have a question or comment about using the call blocker from MagicFeatures? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you’re looking for – or perhaps you’ll hear from another sympathetic user.



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