Speed Dial Comes to magicJack

MagicFeatures Brings You Speed Dial

Speed dial table from MagicFeaturesFeel the need for speed? MagicFeatures has you covered. It provides for as many as 50 speed dial numbers. Like many other speed dial systems, simply dialing a one or two digit number will get you where you want to go. It's a simple, straightforward speed dial system. As shown to the right, just enter a name and phone number in the highlighted table, and you're good to go.

MagicFeatures takes it one step further though, allowing the use of commas in the speed dial number. Each comma causes the dialer to pause for 3 seconds. Adding a pause to a speed dial number may not seem to be necessary, but consider how some numbers are routinely used. You make calls to companies which require an extension, or which require a PIN as part of the dialing sequence. The placement of a comma allows automated equipment at the other end of your phone call to pick up the call and prepare to accept further input from you. If a comma doesn't provide a pause long enough for the automated equipment, simply insert a second comma. For example, to call extension 23 at 555-123-4567, your speed dial number might look like 5551234567,,23. It's not rocket science, but the ability to include a pause or two adds to the convenience factor. It's just one more way MagicFeatures helps take your magicJack experience to the next level.

You can  even use the pause feature for other information needed to satisfy the robotic help desks  common  to the corporate world. Use your imagination. When you call your insurance company, does the automated attendant always ask for your account number? Put the account number behind two or three commas and let your automated dialer talk to their automated attendant – while you relax.

Even if you're not a regular user of speed dial, you should consider using the first few speed dial numbers for emergency calls to the police, fire department, poison control center, etc. MagicJack does provide free access to 911 services in some places, but has begun charging for the service in others. Be aware that if you and your magicJack are traveling, the 911 functionality of the dongle is useless. Use the speed dial capability to contact the nearest local PSAP. You can read more on magicJack's 911 service and charges.

It's unfortunate that so many people won't take a chance with anything but a plain old telephone system, which continues to offer minimal services while collecting maximum fees. In many cases, “local” calls require the caller to dial a one, the area code, and the phone number – then begins tallying long distance charges. MagicJack has no additional charge for the same call. Now MagicFeatures allows you to call any number in your local area code by just dialing 7 digits – another form of “speed dial”. Consider – you could take a trip to France, and make that same local call by just dialing 7 digits, and the call would be free!


Do you have a question or comment about using the speed dial feature of MagicFeatures? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.


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