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Construction managerMy name is Dennis. I spent most of my working career in construction and land development – until the economy fell apart a few years back. All construction suddenly stopped. Construction sites were suddenly deserted – you'd only see an occasional tumbleweed blowing down a deserted street. The economy is much better now, but many were hard-pressed to keep food on the table when the bottom fell out. One of the first things I did was to look to find ways to cut costs, to avoid draining our savings account too quickly.

The crisis wasn't limited to construction workers though. Folks in all walks of life had a tough time of it, especially those of us nearing 60. Some faced extended periods with no income, while others took jobs that paid considerably less. The bottom line is that for many, the cost cutting measures continue to this day. That's not all bad though – those measures helped replenish savings, and many measures just make good sense.

MagicJack is a measure that made good sense. I got one of the original magicJacks in 2007, and it's been in continuous use since. I keep it plugged into a thinclient, a small computer that uses very little power. There are also a few plugins available for the magicJack. If you want to block callers, handle priority callers, disable call waiting, or a host of other features, one of the plugins may be just the ticket for you. You have to keep your magicJack plugged into a computer if you want the added magic of the plugins though. If you'd like to supercharge your magicJack, check out the plugins – linked at the top of the page.

Picture of DennisI spend a lot of time at the computer, so decided to put this site together to help others using magicJack. For the most part, there have been no problems with our phones, but there have been the occasional hiccups. Others have had considerably more difficulties, but the worst problems seem to be with the magicJack Customer Service department. If you're having difficulties, check out the “Here's how” link at the top of the page.

Enjoy your savings! Put them in the bank, or use them frivolously – it's your call. Gotta love it!