magicJack’s Customer Service Turns the Corner

More Options for a Better Customer Experience

Customers can finally contact magicJack!The first magicJack customers were wary of the promises it made on late night television. Many were willing to give it a try though, motivated by the incredibly low price it offered. The company tried to keep up with huge production demands while keeping its rapidly growing customers base happy. Unfortunately, many new customers felt they'd been used as test dummies while trying the new phone service. “Happy” was not the way they chose to express their feelings. Still worse, they found they were unable to contact magicJack  and get competent customer service. In short, all the ingredients were in place for a customer relations fiasco.

That scenario has changed considerably. Customers can log into their web portal and tweak account settings, and there is an extensive faq online. They can also contact magicJack customer service from the web portal as well.

It gets better! Over the years, support forums have grown up online. The forums allow users to compare notes and share solutions. Two of the bigger forums are PhoneServiceSupport and DSLReports. In addition, Wiki now sports a magicJack page which lists a large number of resources related to magicJack. Just be sure to consider the source when using these links, as some customers may have posted inaccurate information, and some pages are dated. Regardless, being better informed about the care and feeding of your magicJack is a great thing!

In addition, magicJack customers can take advantage of MagicFeatures, a plugin developed just for magicJack. It adds features like call blocking and speed dialing to magicJack, in addition to a dozen other benefits. The plugin works on Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as on Windows XP and Vista. Unfortunately, the plugin does not work with Mac OSx.

The Updated Web Portal to Contact magicJack

At last! A chance to contact magicJack by phone!Check out magicJack's improved customer relations at the magicJack Go page on Amazon. Over 2,000 customers there have rated the magicJack Go at 4.2 stars – an enviable accomplishment for any company!

How can you can find and fix problems with your magicJack? You may find magicJack is more robust now; certainly their customer service department is! Give them a try by visiting the support web portal and clicking on a support option. You may get a link to a support article or you may get an opportunity to chat with support personnel in a chat window. Alternately, as shown to the right, you may have the opportunity to receive a phone call from someone in support.

Truly amazing!


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