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What Does a Google App Store

Download Offer for your MagicJack?

There's been a fair amount of confusion about how the magicJack app for Android works. MagicJack offers a MagicNumber for those who don't have a magicJack account, but who would like to try it out. There is no cost for magicJack's basic MagicNumber account. All you need to do is grab a quick Google App Store download, and you're good to go. The basic account has a number of limitations as described below, but may be worthwhile for some users just to test magicJack's service.

They also offer a premium service which eliminates those limitations. Note that if you already have a magicJack account, you can put that Google App Store download to work immediately. Download and install the app and link your magicJack to your Android phone. By doing so, you'll get all the advantages of the premium service for free. Linking your smartphone to your magicJack account may seem to be a match made in Heaven, but you should know that there are a few ‘gotchas' that go with that match. Read on.

MagicNumber Basic Account (Free)

After installing your shiny new app from the Google App Store download, you'll be able to make free calls on magicJack's network – with the following limitations:

  • The number you get with your basic MagicNumber account consists of 10 digits and two asterisks, and looks like this: *1234567890*.
  • You can make free local and international calls using your MagicNumber, but only to those using a magicJack app or who have a magicJack account. You cannot call conventional landlines or cell phones using your MagicNumber.
  • You can receive phone calls from any phone, even conventional landlines and cell phones. Your caller has to dial 305-848-8255 (305-848-TALK) first, and then dial your MagicNumber (*1234567890*) to ring through to you, however. It total, your caller will have to dial 20 digits to call you – a bit of a pain, but hey, it's free.
  • There is no emergency 911 service for basic MagicNumber accounts.

You need to be aware that once your Google App Store download is installed on your smartphone, they're linked for life. Apparently your magicJack account and your phone's serial number are linked, and the bond cannot be broken. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Your smartphone breaks. You cannot link your new Android to your magicJack account, since each magicJack can only be linked to one phone.
  • You'd like to sell your smartphone. Your magicJack account remains linked, even if you remove the app from the phone.

Google App Store download of magicJack Premium MagicNumber Account

The Google App Store download for a Premium MagicNumber account is the same as that for the Basic account. You can use your Android phone to make and receive phone calls without any of the limitations of the Basic Account – if you pay $10 per year for the premium service. You'll get a normal phone number, and can call landlines and cell phones in the US or Canada, as well as anyone with a magicJack account – worldwide. Those who call you only need to remember your phone number. There are no asterisks to dial, and they don't have to call 305-848-8255 first.

Free Premium Account

If you already have a magicJack account, you can link your MagicNumber to that account. You'll have all the premium account features described above, without any additional fees. This sounds suspeciously like a free lunch, but there it is.  To ensure you aren't charged in the future, login to your account, hover over the “Account” tab, and click on “AutoRenew” in the dropdown list.  Scroll down to the section entitled “magicJack APP Mobile Devices”, find your smartphone app listing, and turn off Auto-Renew in the right column.

If you don't have a problem with the limitations above, jump in. You'll be able to cut back on the number of minutes you burn on your cell phone plan each month.


Do you have a question or comment about the Google App Store download for magicJack? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.


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