Sound Off in the New Google+ magicJack Users’ Community!

Keeping in Touch with Other magicJack Users

Life has been busy recently, and I haven't had time to respond to everyone's comments on the site, so I thought I'd create a new Google+ Community called magicJack users. Hopefully, those with problems will find solutions, and those considering the purchase of a magicJack can see what they're getting into!

magicJack users group - share your experiences!Take a quick look at the community. If you find some merit to the idea, head over and join the new community. Take it one step past just joining, leave a post and introduce yourself, tell us what kind of magicJack you're using, and whether it's doing you any good. If you have a problem using your magicJack, put it out there – and if you have a solution to an issue someone else has raised, make it known!

Joining the magicJack Users' Community

If you're not currently a member of Google+, it's simple to sign up and share. Just go to Google+ and sign up if you already have an account with Google such as gmail. If you don't already have an account with Google+, not to worry! Just click on “Join Google+” in the left sidebar, then follow the few steps Google has laid out to create your account. Once you've become a shiny new Google+ member, take an additional moment and become a member of the magicJack users community.

… and a Few Rules for the New Community

I'm not much of one for rules, but there are a couple that apply to the new community. Feel free to post about problems you're having or solutions that have worked for you. Feel free to ask about what to expect if you're new to magicJack or just considering purchasing the service.

Please don't post affiliate links in the community though, and don't post links to sites that have nothing to do with magicJack in particular or to VoIP (telephone over the Internet) providers in general.

Things Only MagicJack Can Resolve

Telephone - using soup cans and stringPlease note that there are a few things other users can't help you with, however. For example, if you have a problem with the billing for your account, you'll need to catch up with magicJack's TechChat service. If you want to change your phone number, or add more time to your magicJack subscription you'll need to contact magicJack directly. Another reason to call magicJack directly would be to add money to your account for international calls. There is a lot of good magicJack users can do for one another, but issues related to your account can only be handled by the magicJack TechChat service.

Save yourself the time and grief if you have to resolve an account issue. Contact magicJack; their TechChat service gotten much better recently, and now rates fairly high among among consumers. Amazing!