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Here's How… Setting Up and Using Your MagicJack

Man tentatively pushing button on a giant phone screen Making a phone call isn't simply the act of dialing anymore. Phone companies are scrambling to provide services and reduce costs even as consumers are discovering they no longer have to pay for most long distance calls, that they're able to block calls from individual numbers, etc. Speed dialing, busy signal redial, voice mail etc, are all features consumers have come to expect, and more. Speech recognition is often used to dial or send text messages, voice mail is sent to your email account… the list goes on and on. Here's how to access many of the advanced features offered by magicJack.

The magicJack Customer Service…

magicJack is very inexpensive and offers a variety of features, and its customer service department has become fairly well versed. Here's how to get your magicJack and get up and running quickly. Be prepared to dig in and research problems you may have – either on this site or by searching out your own answers on the ‘net. With that caution in mind, let's take a look!

Give magicJack a try and see how it works for you. If all goes well, you'll find you have a few extra dollars in your budget. To ramp up the experience even more, add MagicFeatures to the mix. It's an inexpensive plugin that adds features to magicJack. You may find MagicFeatures and magicJack make an excellent combination!


Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question or comment about setting up and using magicJack? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. I need to send a letter to main office…what is the street address?

  2. how do I get the voice mail after I hear the stutter tone?

    1. Author

      Hi Carolyn,
      First things first – make sure you have voice mail turned on in magicJack. Login to your magicJack account at, then hover over the “Call Features” tab and click on Voicemail On/Off/Delay in the dropdown. Make sure you’ve got your voicemail turned on 🙂 Don’t log out just yet!

      You have three choices to retrieve voice mail –

        You can pick up the phone attached to your magicJack and dial your own phone number. This will take you to your voicemail. In addition to getting your voicemail, you can set up your voice mail if you haven’t done so yet (for example, you can record your outgoing message).
        If your magicJack is plugged into your computer (and yes, there are some of us that still keep it plugged in!!), you can click on Voicemail in the black bar at the bottom of the magicJack window.
        Lastly, hover over the “Call Features” tab again and click on Voicemail via Email in the dropdown. Make sure the service is turned on (the switch should be blue), and that your email in showing to the right of the blue switch. You should get an email for every voicemail that callers leave, and the voicemail itself will be an audio file attachment.

      Best of luck with it!


  3. Please, please Help Me. It has been almost THREE months since bought MagicJack. I can make outgoing calls, but I cannot receive calls at the assigned number you gave me (817 xxx xxxx). When I dial the assigned number 817 xxx xxxx (it does not ring) from another phone it says “the MagicJack customer is unable to he call” And Only one home phone get a dial tone, and that is the phone attached to the MagicJack module-s/n xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. My Cell phone # is 817 xxx xxxx

    1. Author

      Hi Steve –
      Unfortunately, I can’t do anything to help, since I’m not with magicJack. The best I can do is to suggest you see if magicJack Tech Support can help. Try calling them from your mobile and asking them to call your magicJack number. If they can replicate the problem, there’s a reasonable chance they can offer a solution.
      Best of luck with it!

  4. Need to change email address on existing account.

    1. Author

      Hi Issela –
      You need to login to your magicJack account to change your email address. Once you’ve logged in, hover over the Account tab and click on Manage Login in the dropdown. There you can change your password or add a new email address.
      Best of luck with it!

  5. The Magicjack app works fine on my Galaxy android phone. However, it both rings and vibrates on incoming calls and I can’t seem to turn vibration off so it only rings. Any help?

    1. Author

      Greetings –
      This is a new one on me. Let me do a little digging and see if I have an answer buried somewhere on my computer – I’ll be back with you this evening.
      Edit (later this evening) – I’ve rummaged around in the problems and solutions I’ve collected over the years, and came up empty. I know it’s a hassle, but consider logging into your account, then click on “Help” in the black menu bar at the top. That will take you to their online chat personnel, where you can pass on the problem you’ve encountered – and hopefully get someone who can provide a solution.
      If you’re successful in turning off the vibrator and getting your calls to just ring, please let me know how it played out. I’ll put your solution in my little database so I can refer others to your fix. Thanks!

  6. Today, Jan.13.2020, from 4.30 to 6 pm I had a very poor completly ignorant .The person Michael, he was spinning me up and down with same questions and couldn’t understand what he needed for my magickjack #773 262 7963 ( refresh connection per Jain magick jack wounderful person)I admit I’m little slow with writing in English and with some irregularites but essence of the problem is very easy to understand until obviously Michael didn’t want to and I wonder way , considering I’m Magickjack customer 8 or 9 years Ihave in the past I menaged to be pleased and satisfied wit your service .After all, I’ll to think carefully whether I use your service at all.
    I hope the headquarters will contact me ,
    Tanks in advance Omer Vulic,

    1. Author

      Hi Omer –
      Please understand that I am not associated or affiliated with magicJack in any way, and so can’t address the issue you’re having. Perhaps contact magicJack again to chat with a different technician, or poke around online for a solution. Sorry not to be more help – best of luck with it!
      Dennis McNeely

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