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Call Waiting: and How to Use It – and How to Disable It

Man upset by unwanted call waiting ringing through Call waiting is expected as part of any cell phone or landline phone plan. Internet phone service is no exception, and VoIP phone providers such as magicJack have responded by including call waiting in their calling plans as well.

You may find call waiting disruptive however, making listening difficult when unwanted callers ring in during your conversation. Telemarketers may ignore Federal “Do Not Call” rules. Still other callers are not regulated by the rules (for example, calls from political organizations, not for profit organizations, callers conducting surveys, etc). You may conclude call waiting is more of a pain in the neck that it's worth – but in many instances, you cannot turn it off.

Turn Off Call Waiting with MagicFeatures

Enter MagicFeatures, the software companion to magicJack. Once installed in your computer, MagicFeatures allows you to turn off call waiting on a per-call basis by dialing 70, waiting for a dial tone, then dialing the phone number you'd like to call. Your call won't be interrupted by other callers; instead, anyone who calls while you're on the phone will be routed to voicemail. As soon as you complete that call and hang up, call waiting will be re-enabled.

Turning off call waiting with MagicFeaturesIf you'd like to turn off call waiting for all callers on a more permanent basis, you can do so from MagicFeatures dashboard, as shown to the left. Simply un-check the box next to “Call Waiting (CW)”, and you'll no longer be disturbed by other callers while you're on the phone.

Call Waiting for Priority Callers Only

There's still another option to handle call waiting with MagicFeatures, however. MagicFeatures allows you to list the phone numbers of anyone you consider to be an important caller – your family member or relatives, your accountant or insurance agent, etc. Looking at the Feature Options shown in the box above, you can leave the “Call Waiting (CW)” box checked,  and add a check to the “Priority Calls Only (PCO)” box in the first column. Doing so will allow call waiting to work as it normally does for those priority callers – but anyone else will be sent to voice mail. Only those listed as priority callers can ring through to your phone. Be aware that turning on Priority Calls Only works on all calls. If you haven't listed a caller's number as a priority number, the call won't ring your phone, nor will the phone trigger a call waiting signal. All non-priority calls will be diverted.

If you haven't checked into MagicFeatures to improve your magicJack experience, you should consider doing so. I'm an affiliate seller for MagicFeatures, which means if you buy their software, I receive some compensation – not a lot, but it helps pay for the bandwidth for this site. You don't pay any more for the software because I get paid, and you won't get a lesser price elsewhere if you don't buy the software here.

Now that you've become your own home phone service provider, you should take a few minutes to improve your service. You know how cranky your customers can be! MagicFeatures is inexpensive at under $20, and it's a one time expense – not a subscription service you'll be paying for every month. You can remain a cheap home phone service, with more features than many full-fledged phone companies.

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Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question or comment about call waiting for magicJack? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. With magic jack can call waitinghave caller ID, as my AT&T phone did?

    1. Author

      Hi Roz Pam –
      If you’re using a PC and keep your magicJack plugged into it, you can add a plugin called MagicFeatures for under $20 that gives you Caller ID on your Call Waiting, as well as a host of other features (call blocking, 7 digit local calling, Priority calls only, etc).

      Note that your phone has to be capable of Call Waiting Caller ID, and that there must be no blocking by your firewall or Antivirus. It all worked right out of the box when I installed MagicFeatures.

      Give it a ride!


  2. dosn’t work at all.
    I dial 70, and wait, but don’t get a dial tone, just a message “in order to complete this call…”
    Then I tried 70 and the number, and got the same thing.

    1. Author

      Greetings –
      To help diagnose the problem, could you confirm you have your magicJack plugged into the USB port of your computer to operate, and that you have MagicFeatures loaded on that computer? Let me know, and we can take the next step to sort out what the issue might be!

  3. Has anyone figured out why call waiting is still not disabled, even after unticking the call waiting feature in the Magicfeatures control panel? Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      If you don’t have a solution from MagicFeatures tech support ([email protected]) in a few days, let me know Ron. I’ll be able to access my magicJack and MagicFeatures then and see if I can reproduce the problem.
      Thanks much –

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