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Unable to conference calls Conference Calling Challenge with MagicJack

Conference calling with magicJack is different than ‘normal' conference calling. Most phone companies allow you to make 3 way phone calls. Typically you call one party, put them on hold, then call a second party and connect the two. There are some variations on that theme, but that's the gist of it – you're the hub, and you control the timing of the call.

Three Way Calling

MagicJack handles 3 way phone calls differently. It's less convenient, but it's doable. You'll need to arrange to have the two parties call you at specified times. Once you have the first caller on the line and the second caller rings in, you must put the first caller on hold by using “flash” to connect the second caller. Once they're both connected, press ## to connect to both callers and connect them with each other. To terminate the three way call, dial #*. It is a patched together solution which many find unusable. Google Voice has cobbled together 3 way and 4 way calling capability in a similar manner. You may find it more convenient to use your cell phone to make the call in a more conventional manner. Nearly all cell phone providers offer 3 way calling as part of their standard plan – but know you're burning plan minutes used when connected to both callers!

Conference Calls

Note that magicJack won't connect with conventional conference call centers. The reason is laid out in another page which discusses termination fees. Even Google refuses to connect callers to these call centers, given the cost per minute to make the connection. MagicJack offers two solutions – but once again, they aren't entirely convenient.

  • The first solution applies to anyone – whether they're a magicJack customer or not. The person organizing the call first dials into 305-848-8888, then selects “Set up a Conference Call” and follows the prompts.The organizer creates a password and is given a 10 digit code for conference calls.The organizer then distributes the 10 digit code, the time the call is to occur, and the phone number attendees should use (also 305-848-8888). The organizer can also use that same 10 digit access code for future conference calls as well. Attendees then dial into the access number (305-848-8888), select “Join a Conference Call”, and enter the 10 digit pin.
  • MagicJack customers can host pinless conference callsThe second solution applies only to magicJack customers, giving them the option to create a pinless conference room. This frees the attendees from having to remember and enter the 10 digit pin number. Attendees simply dial the pinless conference number which you furnish, at the time which you arrange. MagicJack customers can set up this option by logging into their account and selecting “Pinless Conference” from the “Call Features” dropdown. The pinless conference number is free, but remains available for only 30 days from its last use. If it expires, simply log in again to obtain a new number.

Unfortunately, the two conference calling options above won't allow you to dial into a call someone else organized at one of the conventional conference call centers. In the event you need to access that call, you'll need to fall back to your mobile phone once again.

Good luck with it!

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  1. How many people can call into MagicJack at the same time?

    1. Author

      Greetings Charles –
      You can have one caller on the line, and have a second caller ring in on call waiting. You can then flip between the two to converse with either – one at a time.

      You can also have a conference call with two other people – but it’s a stretch. See the bit on site about conference calling for more.

      Let me know if this answers your question –


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