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Your Internet Connection Works, Now What?

Great! You've made sure your internet connection speeds are good, and determined that the amount of money you'll save is worth the risk of being your own phone company. What's next?

Where Should I Buy MagicJack?

You need to decide where to buy your magicJack – whether at a brick and mortar store such as Meijer or Best Buy, at the ‘official' magicJack website, at an established online store such as Amazon, or through a private seller online such as an eBay auction. You may also wonder if there are any advantages to ordering over the phone or ordering through a web page, and whether to order using a credit card, a debit card, or PayPal.  Consider the following before making your purchase:


Brick & Mortar

magicJack Website

Online (Amazon)

Online (private)


Close to magicJack

Fixed price

May be lower than magicJack's price!

20 – 25% less

Incentives  Varies

30 days free usage*

 Varies  None
Customer service

Through magicJack

Much improved

Through magicJack



Easiest to return

30 days from order

Typically 30 days


* MagicJack accepts various credit cards, debit cards, and payment from the ‘PayPal Plug-In' (not standard PayPal payments), but the 30 days free usage only applies to purchases made with credit cards. If you return the magicJack within 30 days of the day you ordered it, your credit card will not be charged, but if you used a debit card, it will be credited for the purchase price within two weeks from the date they receive it back. Return shipping is not reimbursed by magicJack (full details here).

**Private sellers offer a variety of return policies, typically from a 30 day return policy to ‘No Returns Accepted'. Buyer beware! In addition, review seller ratings from other sellers, and verify how much the seller charges to sent the unit. If necessary, make use of the buyer protection offered by the selling web site (such as eBay or Amazon), as well as any protection offered by the payment service you used (credit card or PayPal). Leave feedback for others who purchase from your seller int the future.

Should I Buy a Used MagicJack?

There are also used magicJacks for sale on eBay and through independent sellers on Amazon. Make sure you get the seller's login password so you're able to access call forwarding, extend your subscription, etc. Also, find out if the previous owner has linked their magicJack to a smartphone through an Android or iPhone app. The link can only be made once, so a used magicJack which was previously linked to one smartphone cannot be linked to another one.

Is an Annual MagicJack Subscription Required?

Even expired magicJacks can provide home phone service when used with a software plugin called GVJack. When used with the plugin, the  expired magicJacks  will allow you to make free calls through Google Voice, a service offered by Google since 2009.

That it – you should have enough information to allow you to pick the seller you're most comfortable with. There are great reasons to make your purchase from Amazon, from magicJack, or from a private seller.

Wait! Don't Port Your Number to MagicJack Yet!

Don't get rid of your landline yet, and don't begin by porting your home phone number to magicJack. Hang back and see how the system works for you – give it a few weeks and play with it to see if it's worth your while. There are millions of customers who are very happy with their service, but there are thousands of very vocal customers who are not. For a cross section of customers opinions on the magicJack Plus, click on the Amazon link above, then click on the customer reviews link given on that page.  Similarly, you can click on the Amazon link for the conventional magicJack, and read through the customer reviews on that page.

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Lastly, note that the Amazon links on this page are affiliate links, and that I receive a dollar or two from Amazon if you should purchase a magicJack from them. It doesn't change the price you pay for the unit, and it helps me keep the lights on here at Thanks!

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Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question or comment about purchasing a magicJack? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.


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