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Making Cheap International Calls with MagicJack

MagicJack travels easily. For the most part, all you need is a suitable internet connection, and you're able to make calls to nearly anywhere in the US or Canada, and you can receive calls to your home phone number as well. magicJack goes one step further than letting you make cheap international calls; it lets you make them for free! Consider the implications for just a minute:

  • You can accept calls to your home phone number while you're in your hotel room, 500 miles from home – no charge.
  • You can accept calls to your home phone number while you're on another continent, 5000 miles from home – free!
  • You can make phone calls to nearly any number in the US or Canada from your hotel room (or from another continent) — for free!!
  • You can send a registered and activated magicJack to a friend in India. You can then call to India and the two of you can talk for free, or your friend can call you from India – also for free. In addition, your Indian friend will be able to call most other US or Canadian phone numbers, and accept calls from them – all for free.
  • If you have relatives in Australia and in Ireland, you can activate and send magicJacks to each of them, allowing you to talk with them for free (as noted above). Because calls from one magicJack to another are also free, your relatives will also be able to talk to one another for free – even though neither of them is in the US or Canada. These techniques allow truly free international calling using magicJack.

Adding Funds for International Calls

Login to check or add funds to make cheap international calls.However, it may be that you're unable to take advantage of the techniques above for free international calling – for any of a variety of reasons. MagicJack still allows you to make cheap international calls, and while this technique isn't free, it is relatively inexpensive. To do so, login to your magicJack account, hover the cursor over the “International” tab. Click on the “Add/View Pre Paid Balance”, as shown to the right (click on the image to load a readable picture in a new tab). Select the magicJack account you intend to use to make your call. If the available funds shown in the third column are low, you can add money to the account. Simply selecting an amount from the dropdown menu in the fourth column and add it to the account. Once you complete your checkout, that money will be available to make international calls. Note that the account balance cannot be transferred between accounts, so having $25 in the account above labelled “The Plus” will do no good if the call is to be made using the account “A9210…”.

International rates, shown via the login screenRates for magicJack's Cheap International Calls

You can check to see how competitive magicJack's international rates are by hovering the cursor over the “international” tab and selecting “Rates” from the dropdown. Alternately, you can check their international rates without logging in by visiting the magicJack web site. Regardless, when you dial an international number, magicJack will alert you as to how long you can talk to the number you've dialed with your available balance before ringing through to that number.

MagicJack also allows you to take advantage of their international phone service while using a cell phone or landline. Just register that phone number in the second column of the “Add/View Pre Paid Balance” screen. MagicJack will send you an access code via email which you can then use with that phone number, allowing you to save on international calls with that phone – even if it's not a magicJack phone. When you intend to call an international number with the registered phone, first dial the access code, then dial the international number. Your international call will be billed against your magicJack international account balance.

Account screen to set up a single international speed dial numberInternational Speed Dial

In addition, MagicJack gives you the ability to set up a single international speed dial number with a registered phone. To use this feature, login to your account, hover over the “International” tab, and select “International Speed Dial” from the dropdown menu. Select the device you'd like to use, then click on the “Get a Free Number” icon. MagicJack will give you a “Free U.S. Number” for international speed dialing – more on that in just a moment.

The account screen will  then provide a box under the second column (“Call From”); use this box to register the phone number you'd like to use with the international speed dialing feature. MagicJack will also provide a place to enter the international number you'd like to call (in the fourth column) – enter that number now. Once you've provided all the requested information, you can dial the “Free U.S. Number” from the registered phone, and your call will be placed to the international number you've specified. This is no different than any other international call however, so you'll need to ensure you have adequate funds in your account to pay for the time you intend to talk.

International speed dialing is somewhat difficult to understand and set up, but it may be useful to some. You should keep in mind that each magicJack can have only a single international speed dial number, however.


Do you have a question or comment about using magicJack to make international calls? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. I put money in my international account to call two numbers in France on occasion but I still don’t know how to use it. I have the numbers in my contact list with country code, etc. Can I just select that contact now? or what else must I do?? It seemed a lot simpler before.

  2. I have prepaid credit on my magicjack for international calling, but when I tried to make a call to Lithuania from Canada last month I got a message stating: “calls to this destination are being blocked due to high levels fraudulent activity”. So far m.j tech support has not been able to resolve this problem for me, despite numerous live help chats and reassurances. As a matter of fact I have not even received an email from m.j as to confirm that my issue is being looked at, despite being told that I would right after live help chats. Something to be aware of if you’re thinking of purchasing m.j for your international calling needs.

    1. Author

      Thanks for spreading the word Kris!

      Let us know if magicJack does resolve the issue, and if there’s any secret to the resolution for others.

      Much appreciated!


    2. Kris!Same here, i have tried all month long to call to Latvia-and all the time getting this stupid message- “calls to this destination are being blocked due to high levels fraudulent activity”, many many chats with live support from MJ, all what they say -our ingneers are working on this issue, but common it has been more that a month, they promis to send us an email-but never did, i have prepaid credit for international call and can’t use it, we should take a lawyer to handle this case-i m so pissed off.

      1. Author

        I wish I had an answer for this magicJack problem Vita – but unfortunately I don’t. I’m just a magicJack user helping other users; I’m not with magicJack.

        Here’s a thought though – ask magicJack to send you another magicJack for free, since they have your international balance tied up. Register & activate it here before sending it on to your friend / family in Latvia. There’s the possibility that the two magicJacks will be able to connect for free if they can call you. Of course, this presumes they have access to an Internet connection with enough speed to make that phone call back to you possible!


      2. Just tried to return a call to Lithuania today and we are also having the problem with fraudulent activity message, call from US. We were able to call to England afterwards however. Live Chat told me the problem is on the Lithuanian end, which makes sense, but no Lithuanian number we tried (4 different) would go through.

      3. Author

        Greetings Robertas!

        Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for this problem. I’m just a magicJack user helping other users; I’m not with magicJack.

        If you’re inclined, you can ask magicJack to send you another magicJack. Register & activate it here before sending it on to your friend or family in Lithuania. There’s the possibility that the two magicJacks will be able to connect for free if they can call you. Of course, this presumes they have access to an Internet connection with enough speed to make that phone call back to you possible!


    3. and even more, Today i was trying to chat with 4 live chat people, and they were very nice until i asked my question about this message about -“calls to this destination are being blocked due to high levels fraudulent activity”., after that they just ignored me and never answered

      1. Author

        The tech chat people may be able to help with certain problems Vita, but only those within a narrow scope. Once you get outside problems they normally encounter, they’re useless.

        Have you tried asking to have your problem escalated to senior tech chat staff?


  3. How does magic jack international work? Does the person on the other end have to have magic jack?

    1. Author

      Greetings Mercy!
      To make international calls using magicJack, you have a couple of options.

        Login to your magicJack account and click on the International/Prepaid tab. There is a section with instructions for the use of International pre-paid credit at the top of the page (including a link to International magicJack rates), and a list of your magicJack devices under that section. Add funds to the magicJack device you intend to use to make the calls, and you’re off to the races.
        If you intend to make a lot of calls to a specific location overseas (friends or family), purchase a second magicJack and ship it overseas to that location. Once they’ve registered it, you can make calls to them for free – and they can call to the US or Canada for free. Note that they must verify their Internet connection is adequate, and make sure the use of magicJack isn’t restricted where they live.

      Good luck with it!


  4. Thanks for your info. I have a Canadian magicjack account. When in another country, is it considered an international call (where it costs $) to call back to Canadian friends (who have no magicjack).

    1. Author

      Hi Nic!
      This sounds a bit hinky – but if you’ve had the experience, who am I to argue?

      Can you call those same Canadian friends for free if you’re in Canada? I know there are some Canadian and US numbers that you cannot call for free, regardless of whether you’re overseas or at home. I’m curious – please let me know.

      When I’m traveling with my US magicJack, my phone service is exactly as if I was at home in the States. Calls to my (magicJack) home phone number ring through, and the caller thinks I’m still at home. Similarly, if I make a call back to the US or Canada to someone who does not have a magicJack, the call is free.

      If I were you, I’d be tempted to contact the TechChat service and verify there was no other problem generating the fees. Let me know – perhaps your experience should be the subject of a new page here!


  5. Its january now and 2016.. Still the same message – calls to this destination are being blocked due to high levels fraudulent activity.. Called from my iPhone Magicapp to Estonia. So why i uploaded my funds? Is the MJ scam or something?? Receiving and collecting our money but never support and fix if errors…

    1. Author

      I wish I had a quick and easy answer for you – but such is not the case. I’m unaware of numbers being blocked in Estonia, and magicJack lists Estonia as one of the countries they service in the page on International Rates.

      Have you tried contacting someone at TechChat to help sort out what the problem might be?


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