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MagicJack Complaints – Returning a Faulty MagicJack

If you need to replace a damaged or defective magicJack, first contact magicJack through their online tech chat system and discuss your magicJack complaints with them. If they concur that your magicJack can't be brought back from the land of the dead, ask for a replacement unit. They should provide a new one for a reduced price if your magicJack is no longer under warranty. If your magicJack is still under warranty, they will ship a replacement unit to you – although they will charge you a fee for shipping and handling.

MagicJack complaints may lead to return shipping charges MagicJack will transfer the phone number and any remaining subscription time to your new unit. Note, however, that you have to arrange the transfer with the tech chat staff before activating your new magicJack.

Be aware that any remaining subscription time on the original magicJack will not transfer to a magicJack Plus. Any remaining subscription on a magicJack Plus will transfer to another original magicJack Plus. Similarly, any remaining subscription time on an original magicJack will transfer to another original magicJack. They will not transfer any remaining time from an original magicJack to a magicJack Plus, however.

Returning magicJack under warranty

You may be able to return your magicJack if it's new and you're unhappy with the purchase. There is no need to contact the tech chat service about your magicJack complaints. If you've purchased your magicJack from an online seller such as Amazon or a brick and mortar store , their policy will dictate the return process. Similarly, if you purchased your magicJack from a local brick and mortar store such as Best Buy or Radio Shack, their return policy will apply.

If you purchased your magicJack from the magicJack web site, theirĀ return policy applies. Note that you only have 30 days from the day you placed your order to get an RMA from the online technical support staff and that you'll have to pay return shipping.


Do you need to return your magicJack, and don't know where to turn? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. why the hell can’t I regester my majicjack

    1. Author

      What kind of magicJack are you trying to register Edward? (and what kind of trouble are you having?)

      Perhaps we can sort it out!


  2. I have let my Magic jack expire. I was sick and did’t pay attention.Have been trying to reactivate but can’t get to right site. Please help. THanks

    1. Author

      Hi Ruth –
      Your best bet is to login to your magicJack account, then hover over the Phone Numbers tab and select View-Renew-Change from the dropdown. Hopefully you’ll be able to renew your subscription there, but if not, try contacting Customer Care.
      Give it a go – you may hear a dial tone in just moments!

  3. Hi, I just want my money back, I took a new Olan that finish in August/20/2023 but the new Majick Jack has chaged very much and now I thought it was better but I can see it is worst and never your are improved the problem that I can speak with a customer service. GFor all that I want my money returned to my credit card and give you back the device, Thanks,

    1. Author

      Hi Maria –
      Unfortunately, I’m just someone who has used magicJack for nearly fifteen years now (!!). I don’t have anything to do with running magicJack’s business. I just try to help out other users who are having problems with their service. Consider logging into your magicJack account and hit “Help” in the top menu to connect to someone in a chat session. Perhaps they can sort out the problem, or get your refund in the works.
      Best of luck with it!

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