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Great News! Effective January 21, 2014, Mary Kennon became the new VP of Customer Experience at magicJack. It seems as if customer service is becoming a bit of a priority at magicJack! She's indicated that big things are afoot at magicJack, and that Customer Service is coming to life… slowly but surely. Having said that, the contacts below are currently be best ways to contact magicJack and address issues you're having.

Technical Support

magicJack has been successful providing phone service to many while saving them hard earned cash, but their poor past customer service made it really makes it really hard to appreciate that service.

Your first attempt to contact magicJack customer service should be through their official Live Agent chat site. Getting through to chat with technicians takes two steps:

Click to access the magicJack customer service area, the Live Agent center. When you are on that page, click the “Search” button. You do not need to fill in the search field or select a category.

On the next page, you'll see a red “I'm Online!” banner, as shown below. Click on it, and a chat window will open which requires your name and email address. Enter that information and click a radio button for your preferred language, and a technician will come online to address your problem or question.

If you haven't been able to resolve your problem with the technician, you can ask to have the matter escalated to a level two technician.

Tech chat button for magicJack customer service

There may also be occasions when you need to resolve a billing issue, or talk to someone about a sales matter. The numbers below should get that job done.

Billing Inquiries

(844) 866-2442 toll free, within the US or Canada (11am – 8pm EST)
(561) 594-9925 outside the US or Canada


(800) 624-4252 which is the same as (800) magicJack

The mailing address for magicJack is:

YMAX Communications Corp
Corporate Office
PO Box 6785
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Do you have a question or comment about contacting magicJack customer service? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another user with a solution or further comment



  1. Question on call blocking. We get a lot of telemarkets calling here, some even numerous times a day. Yes, I have registered my number on the site, but calls are now coming in saying “No Caller ID”, “Anonymous” and “Unavailable” so there is no phone number attached. I want to be able to block ALL calls with no phone numbers as well as several other numbers…For example, there are a couple telemarketers that I have complained to numerous times but they still call, mainly they are out of Florida. I want to block those numbers as well. Can managemagicjack do all of these things needed?

    Or better yet, can I block ALL numbers, then create a white list within the application?

    1. Author

      magicJack won’t handle the call screening you’d like to have Rick, but MagicFeatures can take care of you. You can check out the plugin to get an idea of its capabilities (including a white list of approved callers), and you can take a look at the call blocker as well.

      Good luck with it!


  2. Hello just wanted to know if this works with ”Magic Jack Go” and if this works without keeping it connected to the computer? I use my router after initial set up. Thank you in advance for the information.

    1. Author

      Hi Reginald –

      MagicFeatures works with the magicJack GO – but it has to be connected to a Windows XP or Windows 7 computer. I set up a thinclient with Windows XP to take advantage of MagicFeatures. It only uses about 20 watts so I gave it a go – and it’s worked well for me for years. Even a little 7″ netbook will work – as long as it has a USB port.

      Best of luck with it!


  3. I bought Magic Jack last year and talked to  customer service of MJ.  They asked me if I want the service for  paid for 10 years which I paid it with my credit card and during my stay in Manila I was not able to use it  up to now.  I am back now in Los Angeles still was not able to used it. I  tried calling the customer service but it gives me no response. I do think that MJ is good I had a bad experienced with MJ   I paid this for ten years and now I cannot even use it.

    1. Author

      Greetings Manuel!

      I’m not with magicJack, and so have no control of accounts, payments, etc. Perhaps magicJack Techchat can help – give them a shout and see what they have to say!


  4. I have tried various numbers to get this information. I would like if possible to get a copy of incoming calls for May and June. We have a situation that we need this informatio.l

    1. Author

      Hi Eileen,
      You can record calls with magicJack if you use the MagicFeatures plugin, but the magicJack must be plugged into a live USB port on a computer – and the magicJack must the original (silver) model. Even then, the MagicFeatures plugin can only grab recordings as they occur. It cannot retrieve older conversations. One last caveat – make sure it’s legal to record your conversations.
      Taking a look at the email versions of old voice mail sent to you by magicJack is the only way I can think of the grab snippets of a past conversation. To the best of my knowledge, magicJack does not monitor phone conversations, nor do they keep records of past calls.
      Sorry not to be more help!

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