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  1. I am having trouble registering my mj. Customer support says I cannot use my iPad to register. I am at my vacation home and do not have my laptop with me. Is this correct? Can I not register from my iPad?

    1. Author

      Wow – I wish I could help you out here Larry, but I’ve only used my magicJack account with an Android.

      What kind of magicJack are your trying to register? Let me know, and perhaps we can find a way to make your registration happen.


  2. I have been a magicjack customer for several years and my unit stop working. it gives me a error message to connect to the internet but it is connected.

    1. Author

      Sorry about the late reply Lorenzo – life got unexpectedly busy!

      You can download a free report that has a number of things you can try to resurrect a magicJack that has stopped working.

      Good luck with it!


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