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Use free magicJack app as home phone My magicJack app expired recently, which was a complete surprise to me. I thought it would remain free as long as I had a paid magicJack account for my magicJack home phone line. Imagine my surprise when I found out magicJack wanted $10 to restore the app to service for another year.

It turns out is free, if you jump through a hoop or two each year. You just need to login to your account, hover over the “Phone Numbers” tab, and click on “View – Renew – Add” in the dropdown menu. In the section titled “magicJack APP Mobile Devices”, click on “Add a Year”,  then click on the “Stay Basic” button. Since you have a current magicJack account, you'll get all the functionality of a Preferred account, even though you've clicked on “Stay Basic”.

The last bit you need to do while logged in is to click on the “Checkout now” link in the green banner to activate another year of service. Not to worry though, your shopping cart will show a total of $0.00. Your shopping spree is finished when you click on the “Complete My Order” button.

That wasn't too hard, but you still have a second hoop to jump through. Go to your smartphone and delete the magicJack app, then reinstall it. Once you've completed magicJack's little obstacle course for renewing your magicJack App, you'll be good to go for another year – without parting with any hard earned cash.

The process seems a little complicated – I'm not even sure why I need to renew the app if my magicJack account remains active. It's just one of lifes little mysteries, I guess. Regardless, it's well worth while being able to use my home  phone while I'm on the road in a hotel, restaurant, or other location with available wi-fi.

Just a thought – consider using a VPN service such as Private Internet Access to encrypt your online activity if you're in a public wi-fi area. It's cheap insurance against identity theft and a host of other funk.


Do you have a question or comment about the expiration of your magicJack app? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. My magicjack android app works perfectly yet it says to renew on IOS app on Iphone.

    My subscription is already active and paid up for next 3 years. Any suggestions?

    1. Author

      Great question srivhar. I don’t know anyone with two devices (an Android device and an Iphone) connected to a single account. It’s possible magicJack tied your Android device to your magicJack account as they normally do, which means the Android app will remain active as long as your account is paid up. If they were unable to tie your Iphone to your account due to a one-device limit, they may have given you a one year no-account-needed app, which is now expiring – but I’m just guessing. Login to your account and touch base with Support to see if they can shed some light on it – then drop a note back here to let us know how it played out.

  2. Hi there. I have an iPhone 6. My magic jack subscription is expired and I renewed it through the option on y iTunes account on my iPhone for $9.99/year.  I have no issue paying this great price and I’ve also got my Apple receipt to prove payment but the app still says an active subscription is required to use the service. I had this issue last year at expiration and went back and forth showing my receipt and even Apple got involved and sent an invoice to them as well. However, they refused to recognize. At the end, I deleted the app and went to the App Store and the option to purchase the app for $9.99 was there. I did get my original refund back from Apple and was just charged again for the app. I don’t know how to get the app to work, and calling customer service would be quite costly since I no longer live in the USA and really need to be able to get in touch with my family via magic jack. Any thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi Rex –
      I don’t have an iPhone, but let me toss a couple of ideas out there.
      Are you able to log into your magicJack account and add time to your subscription there? If you’re able to login, go to the Account tab and see if you can add another year to your account. Barring that, you’ll need to get a magicJack dongle and have someone in the US or Canada activate / register it, then ship it to you. You can use it to call other magicJack users – anywhere in the world.
      Just to throw another idea out there, you could also try using Skype to make audio or video calls to other Skype users located anywhere.
      Let me know how it goes!

    2. Hi Dennis thank you for your advise.  I ended up signing in with the login account my husband created because although my email was the paying acct, it only recognized his. The. I was able to update the subscription and was online again. Thank you so much for your suggestions, they were helpful in leading me to the solution.

      1. Author

        Excellent! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  3. Hi I tried to follow your instructions, but their seems to be no ” Add” option in the drop down menu.

    I have it on 2 Android phones, and was trying to use the app on an iphone…but it says it’s expired. It works quite well on the Android phones.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Author

      Unfortunately I can’t speak from experience here John – I don’t have an iPhone. Do you have a magicJack dongle – and is your account active? I’ve tried contacting magicJack support regarding renewal of an iPhone app, but they were useless.

      I took a quick look at a thread on A response near the bottom of the thread reads:

      … you continue to renew your *original* MagicJack *device* (and its associated telephone number) with $$$ as you normally would. When you have the iOS app installed and associated with the same number as that which is associated with a regular MagicJack device, you still have to “renew” it by its “due date” but you click on “Keep Basic” (or whatever it’s called on the website) to keep it free (and you still then have to go into the “shopping cart” to “check out” even though it’s free).

      Of course, that thread was dated sometime in June of 2012…

      Wish I could be more help – Dennis

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