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Change Your magicJack App Number on the Fly

magicJack app number dialog boxYou may never need to change the phone number of the magicJack app on your smartphone, but it's nice to know you can. To do so, you need to purchase two (or more) magicJacks, using the same email address during the purchase process. Each of the magicJacks will then be on the same account, and each shows when you login. When you login, you can extend the subscription of any of the magicJacks on your account, or add international minutes for use by any of the magicJacks, etc.

While logged in, you can also hover over the “Phone Numbers” tab and click on “View – Renew – Add” in the dropdown menu. If you look at the “magicJack APP Mobile Devices” section, you'll see your magicJack app enabled phone listed. To the right of that listing is a dropdown list under the “Number” column. You can change your magicJack app number by picking one of the phone numbers from that list. Once you've made the change, you'll be calling from the new number, and your new magicJack app number will begin showing up in caller ID. Similarly, calls to the new phone number will ring through to your smartphone. Calls to your old magicJack app number will go to voicemail.

You may want to take advantage of the capability to make office calls while on the road, or to have calls to your home phone ring your mobile while vacationing. Alternately, you may find an additional phone number in a different area code makes life simpler if you're staying for an extended time. Customers in the area will appreciate being able to contact you locally rather than incurring long distance charges. Unfortunately, this capability will only work for numbers in the US and Canada. If you need to make or receive local calls with other country codes, you'll need to use a different SIM card in your phone (or a dual SIM card phone).

You may want to set your phone to vibrate to avoid having calls to one number ring through while you're on another call though. Just make a phone call from your cell number and have someone call your magicJack app number while you're on the cell call. You'll quickly find out if your phone needs to be muted when that second call comes in.

Lastly, if you're using public wi-fi with your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop, you should  consider using a VPN service such as Private Internet Access to encrypt your browsing activity. Mobile data connections cost money, and aren't always available where you'd like them to be – and you'll be tempted to try to stay under hackers' radar at a a public wi-fi hotspot. All it takes is a single intercepted password – which could snowball to other accounts, or even to a case of stolen identity. A VPN is cheap insurance, and easy to install and use. You owe it to yourself to at least check it out.


Do you have a question or comment about the magicJack app number? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.


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