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magicJack downloads - the future of home phone service? There are millions of magicJack users, but very few are aware there are magicJack plugins available to make their lives easier. Those plugins can be used with your magicJack to extend its capabilities. The only caveat is that you have to have your magicJack plugged into your computer to take advantage of them.

magicJack Plugins Add Functionality

There are several magicJack plugins available for download. You may be interested in knowing how to trick out your magicJack with plugins designed for just that purpose. A few of the possibilities include blocking unwanted calls, and using a phone service from Google that's even less expensive than magicJack!

Do not disturb sign Call Blocking Is Possible with magicJack?

A plugin called MagicFeatures can block unwanted callers, anonymous callers, or toll free callers in the background – with no involvement from you.

You can effectively put a “Do not Disturb” sign on your phone, electing to sent callers to voice mail – or even simply disconnect them! If you have important callers you'd like to let ring through even while “Do not Disturb” is in effect, you can do that too – while turning away all other callers.

That's just the beginning though. You can control call forwarding from your phone. You can also set up speed dial numbers and call local numbers by dialing only 7 digits. If you find call waiting bothersome, you can turn it off. There are too many features to outline here, but those interested can take a deeper look to find out more.

There's a Service Even Less Expensive than magicJack?

Did you know Google has been providing free phone service for years to its users? The problem is that you need to have your own phone number to use it… it's kind of convoluted, but the developers of GVJack have found a way to pair a used or even an expired magicJack with the Google phone service, and provide free phone service! Unbelievable! Take a look at what this plugin can do for you!

Take Control of the magicJack Dialer!

MagicSilence is a much more basic plugin for those magicJacks which are plugged into a computer. Tame that huge dialer window that magicJack puts on your screen. It doesn't provide a full set of features as do the MagicFeatures or GVJack plugins above, but it may save you your sanity!

Using magicJack with Your Skype Account – Really?

Would you like to make and receive free calls to hundreds of millions of Skype users worldwide? Skyjack allows you to do so – even with an expired magicJack (much like the GVJack plugin, above). Of course, if you have an active magicJack subscription, you can make phone calls over your magicJack as well as phone calls to Skype users.

Professional Grade Contact Management for Family or Business

contactMagicContacts is another magicJack plugin that can be used with a Windows computer. It provides a feature rich interface for those that want to have contact names displayed for incoming calls.  You can import your contacts from Gmail, Google Voice, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Yahoo.

You really owe it to your self to check out magicJack plugins and the additional functionality they can provide. Customer ratings have begun improving, and the little dongle can save you almost a thousand dollars a year! I've been using magicJack for nearly 15 years now, and it hasn't been without its hiccups – but overall it's been a great experience.


Comments or Questions?

Do you have a question or comment about the magicJack downloads shown above? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from someone who's given one of the downloads a try.


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