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MagicFeatures – Doing it All for magicJack

You took a chance and made magicJack your home phone service. The magicJack customer service department has come a long way over the years, but you can do so much more with it by taking a “Do It Yourself” attitude. Fire up the MagicFeatures plugin and see what it can do for you.

Do you dare to take that next step? Consider this scenario:

It's coming down to crunch time, you've gotta get that tax return done and in the mail. The return is a knotty beast, and you don't need any distractions – but you do need to hear back from your sister-in-law, the accounting whiz. You'd already blocked some pesty telemarketers with MagicFeatures, but you decide its time to block all callers. Fortunately, friends and family are on your Priority Callers list, so your sister-in-law can get through – even when others can't. MagicFeatures has it all handled.

MagicFeatures  works with a wide variety of Windows computers, from Windows XP and Vista all the way up to Windows 10 – but sadly, it doesn't work with Mac machines. Check out this list of its capabilities. Sweet.

Call Blocker

Selective Call Rejection
Call Blocker– it's a beautiful thing. Enter specific phone number(s) you want to block, and you won't hear from them again. You can block specific numbers (555-123-4567), all phone numbers in a particular exchange (555-123-****), or all numbers in an entire area code (555-***-****). You can even block all toll free callers (800-***-****). You're not limited to just blocking a few numbers, either. Enter as many number(s) you want blocked, and MagicFeatures will keep track of them all. This is MagicFeature's “Black List”. See the Priority Calls section (below) for the other side of this coin, MagicFeatures' “White List”.

Icon - MagicFeatures "Do Not Disturb" feature Anonymous Call Blocker
You can block anonymous callers who hide their caller ID; the power is in your hands.

Do Not Disturb
This is the ultimate call blocker – all incoming calls will be blocked. You can also have MagicFeatures block all calls except those you designate as Priority Calls.

Hangup Blocked Calls
You can tell MagicFeatures how to deal with calls blocked by Selective Call Rejection, Priority Calls Only, or Anonymous Call Blocker. Say the word, and MagicFeatures will send the caller to voice mail, or it will just give them a busy signal – serves them right! The choice is yours.

Blocked Call Chime with Caller ID
You'll hear a short chime when a call is blocked to remind you that blocking is still active. You can be enable or disable this feature at your discretion.

Disable Call Waiting
Call waiting can be a real distraction. MagicFeatures lets you disable call waiting for all calls in the Features Dashboard. It will remain disabled until you re-enable it.

Temporarily Disable Call Waiting
If you don't want to be disturbed on an important call, you can dial 70, wait for a dialtone, then dial a phone number. MagicFeatures will disable call waiting for that phone call, and restore it after you hang up.

Need to Take Priority Calls??

Priority Calls Only
This is just one step away from “Do Not Disturb”. Consider it MagicFeatures' white list. Only calls from specified numbers will be accepted – an intelligent call blocker!

Priority Call Waiting
MagicFeatures will put a ‘P' on your Caller ID for priority callers, just before the callers name. You might want that call.

Priority Call Ringing
Calls arriving from the Priority Call table have a unique ring.

Speed Dial

Speed Dial
You can create up to 50 speed dial numbers for your magicJack. Each number can have its associated extension, pin number, or account number, as indicated below.

Automated Extension Number Dialing
MagicFeatures Speed Dial lets you pausing the dialing sequence.  It makes it easy to add an extension number or pin number – just add a comma where you'd like the dialing sequence to pause.

Automated Phone Card Dialing
The use of commas allows MagicFeatures to automatically pause the dialing sequence to add a credit card number, insurance policy number, etc.

7 Digit Local Area Dialing
You only need to dial 7 digits for calls with the same area code as your magicJack's number.

Caller ID – Who is it? (and  Where Are They?)

Call Waiting Caller ID
You've been there – a call comes in while you're on the phone. Should you interrupt your call to respond to the second caller? MagicFeatures lets you see the second caller's name and phone number to help you decide.

Talking Caller ID
If your phone supports talking caller ID, MagicFeatures will announce the name or location and number of the caller.

Caller ID with Name
The caller's name and number is sent to your phone after the first ring. If their name isn't available using a reverse lookup, the caller's location will be displayed.

Call Location Lookup
Dial **5 on your phone at any time during the call. MagicFeatures will attempt a reverse number look-up to display a map on your computer showing the calling party's location.

Call Forwarding Made Easy

Call Forwarding Assistant
You can set a call forwarding number in the MagicFeatures‘ dashboard. Turning the feature on and off is as simple as dialing 72 to enable call forwarding and dialing 73 to disable it.

Old School Features

Call Return
Dial 69 to return the call to the last caller that called your phone number.

Last Number Redial
Dial 66 if your phone doesn't have a redial function

Voice Mail
Just one more option to get to your voice mail. Dial 98 for quick access to your messages.

Call Recording
Dial *** on your phone at any time during the call to start call recording. Note that this does not work on the magicJack Plus dongles – only on the original magicJack (silver case).

Double Ringing (for External Answering Machine Pickup)
Ringing is done in 3 second intervals instead of the standard 6 second intervals.

Auto-Minimize-smallMinimize the magicJack Dialer on Screen

The magicJack softphone window has always been a distraction, taking up space in the corner of your computer monitor. That window got a lot bigger when magicJack revamped their software in 2014 to make it more friendly for mobile users. The good news is that you can set MagicFeatures to automatically minimize the magicJack window when it's not in use. Just check the box shown in the picture shown above, to the right (click on the picture to enlarge). Remember to click the “SAVE CHANGES” button, and the dialer window will disappear – unless you're on the phone. Even then, you can manually minimize the dialer if you need the full screen.

MagicFeatures – Inexpensive and Effective

Hassled and harried man The reason I like MagicFeatures? It automatically gives magicJack a higher priority. With the computer paying more attention to your call quality, you hear less static while conversing. I use some of the other features offered by MagicFeatures, but the higher computer priority and the call blocker mentioned above are what make this software worth its weight in gold. Note that while magicJack will work with most Windows computers and with Intel based Mac computers, MagicFeatures will only work with Windows machines (XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10). It's sad, but there you have it.

There's a lot of software out there that charges an exorbitant purchase price, or charges a monthly subscription fee to keep using it. That's not the case with MagicFeatures. A single payment of $19.95 makes it all happen – for life! Note that I'm an affiliate seller for MagicFeatures, which means if you buy their software using one of the links on this page, I receive some compensation – not a lot, but it helps keep the lights on here at the website. You don't pay any more for the software because I got paid, and you won”t get a lesser price elsewhere if you don't buy the software here.

So, let's see. Disclosure that I'm an affiliate seller for MagicFeatures and earn a few dollars on each sale. Check. Quick run through of the features / benefits of the program. Check. Ah, yes – how to purchase the program. Just click on one of the MagicFeatures links above, and you'll be whisked off to their web site. Beauty!


Comments or questions?

Do you have a question or comment about MagicFeatures? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. i haven’t figured out how to get the magicfeatureplugin to auto start at bootup. any suggestions. i am using windows 10

    1. Author

      Hi Ronnie!
      Does your magicJack start automatically at boot up? Did you use MagicFeatures with an earlier version of Windows?

      I can’t say I’ve tried MagicFeatures on Windows 10 yet, but we can certainly take a shot at sorting out the issue – or contacting the software developer at PCPhoneSoft if we’re unable to do so.


      1. I’m using windows 10 and since I put it on my computer, magicfeatures no longer works…Well…the ringer doesn’t work… Calls can come through, and I can see it on the magicjack splash screen, but my phone doesn’t ring…Prior to windows 10, I was using windows 7…This same thing happened once before with magicfeatures a while back…If I shut it off, the phone will ring… any suggestions??

      2. Author

        Greetings Mar –
        I just sent an email to the technical support staff at PCPhoneSoft, the authors of MagicFeatures. Check back in a day or two; hopefully I’ll have an answer – or even better, a solution 😉


  2. when will the call recording feature be added to those of us with magicjack GO & Plus dongles? i recently purchased ‘magicfeatures’ and was highly disappointed the call recording did not work .. thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Thomas!

      I don’t believe PCPhoneSoft will be adding the call recording feature for magicJack dongles other than the the original silver dongle. There may be some changes magicJack made to the circuitry or firmware within the newer magicJacks that prevents them from being capable of recording calls.


  3. Do you have to use a computer to use Magicfeatures. I have my magic jack connected directly to my router.


    1. Author

      MagicFeatures works only if your magicJack is plugged into a Windows computer. Sad, but there you have it. I’m using a tiny computer called a thinclient so I get the benefits of MagicFeatures without having a big computer operating all the time.

      It’s good to have options!


  4. Why doesn’t magicfeatures support Windows 10.

    How about some installation instructions?

    1. Author

      Hi John –

      The setup instructions can be found just under the graphic at the top of the page. I was able to sort it out after reading the instructions – and futzing with it a bit.

      I’m not sure about the developer’s schedule for Windows 10 compatibility, so I’ve sent an email through their web site to find out if it’s on the horizon. Stay tuned.


      EDIT: MagicFeatures now works with Windows 10 – so consider giving your magicJack the additional features it provides!

  5. will the  Magic features  work if the unit is connected true the router?

    thank you


    1. Author

      Hi Alexander –

      MagicFeatures works only if your magicJack is plugged into a USB port of an operating computer. I keep our magicJack plugged into a tiny computer that consumes only 20 watts, which costs me about 7 cents a day to run. You could use a little 7″ notepad to make it work, or if you were comfortable setting one up, you could use a thinclient.

      Keeping your magicJack plugged into a little computer gives you all the benefits of MagicFeatures.

      Good luck with it!


  6. Will magic features block v numbers?

    1. Author

      No problem Paul!
      You can block specific numbers or whole number ranges (using wildcards in the number) – but I prefer using Priority Callers Only. With that feature, whitelisted numbers can get through but anyone else is sent to voice mail. It’s great – especially through the election season!

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