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Setting up MagicFeatures' Call Blocker

MagicFeatures is a plugin for magicJack, either adding new features or enhancing magicJack's features. Many readers will appreciate the call blocker it includes to prevent nuisance calls. MagicFeatures costs $19.95, but it's a one time expense. There is no additional monthly or annual fee. Once installed, the plugin improves the features and call quality of magicJack. Check it out:

MagicFeatures Icon shown in taskbar After you've installed MagicFeatures, you'll see its icon in your taskbar, as shown to the left (click to enlarge the picture). Right click on that taskbar icon, then click on “Features Dashboard” in the pop-up menu. Unfortunately, the MagicFeatures window is fixed in size, so you'll have to scroll around a bit to see all the pieces of the dashboard if your monitor is too small.

The screenshot to the left and below shows a checkbox to enable or disable blocking anonymous phone callers – those who hide their caller ID when calling. Just tic that check box, then scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and click the “SAVE CHANGES” button. Anonymous callers won't ring through to your magicJack phone any longer.

Check box to block anonymous callersTo block specific phone numbers, go to the “Selective Call Rejection Table”, shown to the right and below. Fill in the number you'd like blocked in the upper field, and click the “Add Specified Number” button. The number will appear in the lower field, and will no longer bother you. Note that you can use * as a wildcard to block all toll free numbers or all callers from a specific area code. For example, to block all callers in the 212 area code, put 212******* in the upper field and click the “Add Specified Number” button. No one in the 212 area code will be able to ring your phone after you've hit Selective call blockingthe “SAVE CHANGES” button. You can similarly block specific exchanges by specifying the area code and exchange, followed by four asterisks (417719****). Any caller in the 417-719 exchange will be refused by MagicFeatures. Beauty!

To the best of my knowledge, there is no limit to how many phone numbers you can include in the lower box – I have accumulated more than a dozen numbers. There's also no limit to how you mix and match numbers. You could have all toll free numbers blocked, as well as 15 other specific numbers on your black list – in addition to blocking all anonymous callers.

Check box to reject blocked callersTo have blocked numbers automatically disconnected, check the box shown to the left. Anyone on your blocked callers list (“Selective Call Rejection Table”) will simply hear a busy signal. If you leave the box unchecked, the caller will be sent to voice mail. In either case, the caller won't even ring your phone. Note that this option applies to all blocked callers, whether anonymous callers, callers in a specific blocked area code, or individual blocked numbers. Just remember to click the “SAVE CHANGES” button before closing the MagicFeatures dashboard.

You can also have MagicFeatures sound a Blocked Call Chime when a call is blocked. Put a check the box next to “Blocked Call Chime”, just above “Hangup Blocked Calls” in the picture above. Keep in mind that the option to block all callers (or send them to voice mail) applies to any blocked call – whether an anonymous caller, a selectively blocked number, or a group of numbers blocked using the “*” wildcard. If you have many numbers blocked, you may find this option is a bit of a pain – then just uncheck the box and let silence reign.

Do-Not-Disturb-small MagicFeatures also give your the nuclear call blocking option – Do Not Disturb. To enable this option, just put a check in the box highlighted in the picture to the right. It's great if you need time to concentrate on that tax return, or just to take a nap. Remember that if you have both “Do Not Disturb” and “Hangup Blocked Calls” checked, and you do not have “Blocked Call Chime” checked, you'll never know anyone called. The only clue you may get is if you have installed the magicJack app on your smartphone. The MagicFeatures plugin doesn't affect the magicJack app; you'll just have to turn it off if you really need a break from the phone.

As before, be certain to check the “SAVE CHANGES” button before exiting the dashboard.

Read more about the additional features possible with MagicFeatures. You'll be able to do things with the little “Do It Yourself” home phone service that Ma Bell never dreamed of!


Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question or comment about using the call blocker from MagicFeatures? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. My Magic Jack is connected directly to my router. The call blocking method mentioned seems only to work when Magic Jack is connected to a PC. If I connect my device to my PC and use this blocking app will it only work while connected to my PC or will settings made with the app be transferred to my Magic Jack so that call blocking will work when I reconnect it to my router ?

    1. Author

      Hi Fred!

      The app can only work while your magicJack is connected to your PC – not to your router. We use a small thinclient for that reason. It consumes about 20 watts, typically on eBay for $40 – $60 (just a random listing from an eBay search). It doesn’t have its own monitor, keyboard, or mouse; we just use Windows Remote Access if we need to access magicJack on the thinclient. If you don’t want to get into remote access, you can also run magicJack on a netbook (a small laptop), and leave that running all the time.

      We like all the features of MagicFeatures, so we keep our magicJack Plus plugged into the USB port all the time.

      Let me know if you have other questions –


    1. Author

      Unfortunately the plugins only work on Windows machines ARF. Perhaps in the future the developers will find time to port it to OSX, but they haven’t done so to date.


  2. I got MJ about 2 month ago and it is great. On the beginning I connected it to my PC and Telephone Vtech Dect6 to MJ but the volume was very weak, lots of static, simply quality was miserable. Then I connected MJ to the router directly and now it is just like a regular phone, really great. I still wish I could connect to the PC. Even better PC and direct to router would be perfect. The problem can’t be the computer, it is a Surface Pro 3 with i7 chip, therefore PC-power is not the problem. Still, would like to know if it could be done PC and direct connect.
    Thanks Marc

    1. Author

      Greetings Marc!

      Sorry to hear your magicJack isn’t cooperating. You can try downloading a short, free report and see if one of the trouble shooting techniques in it works.

      It’s also possible that while your Surface Pro 3 has plenty of power, there may also be some conflict with other software on the machine. Is there another machine you can try using to test that possibility? Alternately, have you tried using magicJack after booting in Safe Mode?

      Hope this helps!


      1. Thanks Dennis,
        Yes, I did, I have a laptop Gateway 172S, ~8 years old and a Asus netbook, ~4 years old. Unfortunately the result was about the same as with the Surface.
        I did not boot into safe mode and I will check out the free report.
        Not that it is a big deal since it works great as it is right now, it just would be nice to have it on the computer too.
        Have a great day Marc

  3. I have used MJ for several years and have tried several computers, most powerful enough to do sophisticated computing. The reception with MJ connected to the PCs was, and still is, uniformly inferior to plugging directly into the router. The clarity of sound is so different as to be startling. I find it interesting that MJ has not figured out a way for customers to block all unwanted callers, including those shown as unavailable and anonymous. My opinion is that many current MJ users, such as I, will bail on MJ for the first company that provides call blocking as a consistently working service.

    1. Author

      I agree Wendell. It doesn’t seem like it should be rocket science to block incoming calls. MagicFeatures seems to have the knack of it!

      By the way, you may be able to improve your call quality, by opening up Windows Task Manager and on the Processes tab, right click on the magicJack process. In the local menu that appears, you can change the CPU priority and the I/O priority a little higher, so magicJack gets a little better cut of the computer’s resources. I have a thinclient dedicated to run my magicJack, which is not powerful at all – but our conversations are as clear as the landline magicJack replaced.

      Just a thought.


      1. I have win10 and could not change CPU aswelll as I/O per your instructions. Please help

      2. Author

        Hi Peter –

        Since October ’15, I’ve been chasing the plugin author to find out when Windows 10 will be supported by MagicFeatures – but I haven’t gotten a schedule as yet. I’ll post something here as soon as I hear back, but in the meanwhile Windows 10 isn’t on the list of supported operating systems :\


        EDIT: MagicFeatures now supports Windows 10 – so if you’ve been unable to take advantage of its new features in the past, now’s the time!

  4. The MF call blocker works, but my phone still rings when they call (it just doesn’t go to voicemail). I have it set on “hangup blocked calls” but when those numbers call the phone will ring 5-6 times which means I have to stop and see who is calling.

    1. Author

      Hi George – and sorry for the late reply. I took the week off!

      This is an odd symptom, and one I’ve not encountered before. My best suggestion is to contact the plugin’s author (I’m just a satisfied customer 😉 ) and they’ll be able to help sort it out. You can reach them at [email protected] They generally respond within a day.

      1. Detailed description of the problem including exactly how what happens differs from what is expected and under what conditions it consistently occurs.
      2. Exactly what troubleshooting step below you have taken to diagnose the problem and what happened.
      3. If you receive warning or error messages, the exact message and words displayed. You may also attach screenshots.
      4. Cut and paste a copy of the log file into your email message (obtained by right mouse clicking on the Magicfeatures traybar icon and selecting “Troubleshooting” from the menu that appears and pressing the “Show Log File” button).

      Hope this helps –


      1. I apologize if this is a duplicate question. I did not see my original question posted. But does the blocked person get a message notifying them that they are blocked?

      2. Author

        Hi Keisha –

        The site software here holds all comments until they’re reviewed and identified as spam or as a legitimate comment. To date, this site has had well over 10,000 spam comments!

        To answer your question, MagicFeatures lets you either send blocked calls to your voice mail or simply disconnects the call. There is no alternate message to tell them the call has been blocked. If the caller goes to voice mail, they’ll hear your normal, witty, outgoing message followed by a beep, and you’ll be notified you’ve got a voice mail.

        I suppose you could contact them and tell them they’re being blocked, but I don’t send bothersome callers to voicemail. Once I’ve identified a serial nuisance caller, I just have MagicFeatures disconnect that number and let it go at that.

        Hope this helps!


  5. Just how many numbers are available to block? A dozen would not put a dent in one hour of phone service for us. When a caller sees we will not answer their number after picking up the phone the first time, they just clone another number and call using that. I really need to know the rating of approximate numbers before I will want the plug in service.

    1. Author

      Hi Mark!
      I’m unaware of any limit on the number of numbers that MagicFeatures will block. In fact, I have no idea how many numbers it presently blocks for me!

      I do know that once I’ve blocked a number, I don’t hear from them again. I have the plugin set to simply disconnect the call, and not to send them to voice mail. I don’t want to hear the caller live, and I don’t want to hear their sales pitch via voice mail either.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


      1. Mark
        I read in your memo that you have a dozen numbers and so far you have not reached your limit. A dozen would not be enough. That is why I am asking about what it is rated at.

  6. MagicFeatures call blocker – I manually entered numbers of calls to block, but the phone (Magicjack #) still rings when those numbers call me – a distraction because then I look to see who is calling. The calls ARE “blocked” in that they don’t ring through to voicemail, but disappointed that I have to put up with the phone ringing and having to check caller ID.

  7. Hello. I have MagicFeatures and thought I could block call waiting, but it still comes through with annoying beeping. It is not checked in my dashboard.

    1. Author

      Greetings Glen,

      This is an odd symptom, and one I’ve not encountered before. My best suggestion is to contact the plugin’s author (I’m just a satisfied customer ? ) and they’ll be able to help sort it out. You can reach them at [email protected], and generally respond within a day. You should not have any beeping at all if you’ve turned off call waiting. Note that there are two ‘flavors’ when it comes to turning off call waiting though –
      – Cancel Call Waiting (Dial 70) on a per-call basis. To disable call waiting for a single call, dial 70 and when you hear dialtone again enter the number you wish to call. Call waiting will be restored after you hang up.
      – Permanently enabling or disabling call waiting; done in the features dashboard using a check box on the right side of the dashboard.

      Hope this helps!


  8. How can I block calls when someone constantly changes the number that shows up on callerid?
    I have thought about going the way of Network “packet sniffing” to hopefully uniquely identifying the real caller (Mac address), but I have only spent a little bit of time towards that.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Author

      Hi Billy,

      Unfortunately, there’s no way to block a constantly changing phone number. It’s also relatively easy to change a computer’s IP with dynamic addressing, so even IP blocking won’t do the job. Your thought about finding the computer’s Mac address sounds interesting, but I have no idea how you’d detect the address or implement call blocking if you could detect it.

      The best way to deal with your situation would be to white list all callers that are OK to ring through (friends, family, business acquaintances, etc), using the Priority Call Table from MagicFeatures. Then you can turn on the Priority Calls Only feature, and send all other callers to voice mail and sort out which deserve responses.

      If inappropriate calls come in, you can elect to put their number on the Selective Call Rejection Table. Keep in mind that you can use wildcards to block callers coming from a specific area code or phone exchange too.

      Hope this helps!


      1. Thanks for the quick response.
        If and when I can get some positive results on network “packet sniffing”, I will let you know what I find.
        If I do get some good results, should I drop a comment on here or shoot you an email. Let me know either here to my email.

      2. Author

        Greetings Billy –
        Pop an answer back here on site – you never know when the search engines will index your answer so others can find it and benefit from your experience.

        I’m looking forward to the outcome – it would help immensely with spoofed caller IDs that some telemarketers have begun using to bypass call blocking software!


  9. Have you come across a CallerId that where a name would be, you get “V” followed by a bunch of numbers.
    I have come to believe it’s a telemarketer or some other unwanted caller.
    V82810375500096. name line
    800-221-5689 phone #

    1. Author

      Hi Billy –
      Yes, I get the occasional spoofed number on my caller ID, and just let it go to voice mail. If it gets too bad, I’ll probably sort out how to block that number or group of numbers using MagicFeatures, but so far things those calls have been infrequent – so I’ve done nothing.

      Yet another of life’s little challenges…


      1. Whenever I get a call on my MJ and there’s no one there, or I get a recorded pitch of some sort, or there’s a solicitor for a charity on the other end, I save the number in my contacts and name it “junk.” The next time they call and it shows up on my MJ Caller ID I just ignore it or click “IGNORE.” You wouldn’t believe how many numbers on my contact list are labeled “junk.” I do it on my cellphone too.

      2. Author

        Great idea Doug!

        You’ve taken a big annoyance and reduced it to a minor irritation. Excellent!


  10. Someone call and text my girl friend from magi jack , if she block number they call from different number same time

    1. Author

      Hi Ajay bal!
      The best you can do is block the numbers as they come in. The only alternative is to use wildcards to block larger groups of phone numbers – but then you run the risk of blocking calls you want to take.

      Regardless, take a look at the use of wildcards and see if you think they might do you some good.


  11. I only use the MJ app. Is it possible to block a number from an idiot who has been texting a buanch of BS to my number?

    1. Author

      Sadly, MagicFeatures only works on magicJack phone calls, and then only when your magicJack is plugged directly into your Windows computer Sergio.

      I use the Call Control – Call Blocker app for my mobile. It can also block calls coming into your magicJack app. For more info, go to and search or scroll down to “Block Landline Calls with Call Control”. You may have to hunt a bit to find out how to get your magicJack app to ring your mobile number simultaneously – I use Google Voice to make it happen.

      Best of luck with it!


  12. Does not work in Win 10! They wont answer email for support! Getting peed off.

    1. Author

      I’m afraid support for MagicFeatures is AWOL Johnny. Their web site does say MagicFeatures requires a Windows XP(SP2)/Vista/7 computer (not a Mac or Windows 10). I’ve attempted to find out whether they intend to support Windows 10, but I haven’t received any answer to date.

      Stay tuned!


      EDIT: MagicFeatures now works with Windows 10 – so if you like the features it adds to magicJack, feel free to go for it!

  13. Hi Dennis,  I found this site while Googling Magicfeatures.

    It’s been very informative.

    My question is: In FEATURE OPTIONS when CW and CWCID is checked does that mean they are ON or OFF? I don’t use either feature so should I leave them checked or unchecked?

    Also, just what kind of calls does ACB block? Do they show up on your phone caller id

    as ANONYMOUS? I’m just a little confused on these item I mentioned.


    1. Author

      Hi Bany,

      To turn off Call Waiting and Call Waiting Caller ID, leave the boxes unchecked in the feature manager of MagicFeatures.

      The Anonymous Call Blocker feature blocks callers who have blocked their Caller ID number. Those callers show up on your Caller ID as “Anonymous” if you let them through. Checking that box will either send them to voice mail or disconnect the call entirely, depending on how you’ve set up the feature manager.

      Enjoy the privacy of MagicFeatures!


  14. Thanks Dennis, I have been using it for a month or two and it works great.

    By the way, I wasn’t notified of your reply..I just checked and saw it. I thought I would have received an email when you replied..

    Anyway, thanks again..

  15. Is there a way not to have to hear magic jack ring at all when a blocked number calls? Right now all the numbers I have blocked will ring one time and then stop… What do they hear when they call me? Do they hear it ring once and stop? Is there a way to make it not ring at all?  I’m glad that I can block them, but it would be even more awesome if these punks can’t get through at all – not even with 1 single ring-a-ding… Look forward to your reply – Thanks!

    1. Author

      Greetings Winnie –

      I don’t have any idea why your phone rings once – mine is silent, and the only way I know anyone called is to check for voicemail. Perhaps it’s a difference in the phone itself (?) Your caller should hear one of two things if their number is blocked – either they will go directly to voice mail, or their call will simply be disconnected. You can set MagicFeatures to do one or the other in the dashboard.

      Give it a try! Block your cell phone number or a friend’s number temporarily, and call your magicJack number from that blocked number. See what kind of result you get.


  16. While I like Features, Magic Features and MJ they don’t play well together when you put your computer to sleep. When you wake your computer MJ starts, Magic Features, is already running in the task bar. MJ wont work because Features is loaded first.

    I have to exit MJ and re-start it then run Magic Features again for everything to be working normally.


  17. I have to transfer my magicjack and magicfeatures to another computer. Transferring the magicjack is no problem, but how do I transfer all of the blocked numbers to a fresh install of magicfeatures??

    1. Author

      Greetings –
      MagicFeatures provides a lot of additional functionality to magicJack, but unfortunately its user interface is antiquated. There is no good way to transfer the numbers – you can’t even cut and paste the list from your old installation to the new one. It’s a grind, but the best way I’ve found is to type the list into a plain text editor (for example, Notepad or Notepad ++), then transfer the numbers into the new installation.
      Sorry I don’t have better news 😐

  18. Greetings. Is there any chance that in a not too distant future Magic Jack Features could also be made to work with the Magic Jack plugged into the router? My PC runs on Windows 10 and some of the comments I’ve seen mention that there are some issues regarding compatibility with Windows 10. Leaving the PC on at all times is not an option right now and we don’t have a notebook to take on that role. Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Author

      Hi Roger –
      Unfortunately, I haven’t found any indication that MagicFeatures is being upgraded to work with Windows 10 – but hope springs eternal, so I’ll keep checking with the developer.

      EDIT: The developer updated MagicFeatures to work with Windows 10, so feel free to take advantage of MagicFeatures free one week trial to see if it works for you!

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