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Could Call forwarding Get Any Easier?

MagicFeatures hasn't forgotten about the ‘Old School Features' that many telephone customers may  use. Some features just make using magicJack more convenient. For example, without MagicFeatures, to turn call forwarding on or off, you must first login to your account, hover over the “Account” tab, and select “Call Forwarding” from the drop down list. Call forwarding in MagicFeatures dashboardOnce on the call forwarding page, you enter the phone number where you'd like your calls to be forwarded, and change the forwarding status to on. To turn it off, you have to login again, return to “Call Forwarding” on the “Accounts” tab, and change the call forwarding status to off. It's not a horrible task, but it is a bit of a pain.

MagicFeatures makes the process a bit simpler. All you need to do is enter your magicJack phone number and password in the MagicFeatures dashboard, as highlighted in the picture to the left. MagicFeatures can then take care of logging in to forward your calls – automatically. That eliminates one little hassle. You  then enter the phone number you'd like to send calls to in the dashboard, and Enable or Disable call forwarding from the dashboard.

MagicFeatures found a way to make the process still simpler! The plugin listens for keypad commands before and during your phone call, so the good folks at PCPhoneSoft added a keypad command to forward your calls. Just dial “72”, listen for a series of tones, and hang up. Calls to your magicJack number will be forwarded to the number you put in the MagicFeatures dashboard. To turn off call forwarding, just dial “73”, listen for the series of tones again, then hang up. Call forwarding is cancelled, and your phone will ring normally. Can it get any easier?


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