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Call Waiting – Love It or Hate It

Call waiting is a wonderful concept. It makes you aware that someone else is on the line – perhaps someone you really need to talk to now.

MagicFeatures call waiting controlUnfortunately, call waiting has a dark side as well. You may already be on an important phone call, and an unwanted caller tries to ring through. On many phone systems, you're alerted to the second call when the audio for the first call is briefly interrupted. If you don't want to deal with the second caller, the interruptions continue until the second caller hangs up or they're transferred to voice mail. The end result is that you end up trying to piece together missing pieces of the important phone caller's conversation. At best, you have to ask your caller to repeat themselves – repeatedly. At worst, you misunderstand what they said, and take some action based on that misunderstanding. For example, you thought you were supposed to meed the caller at a restaurant at 3:00, but they told you they'd be there at 2:00.

If there are many incoming calls while you are on your call, the problem is repeats – again and again. Arrrgggg!

MagicFeatures has a fix for the problem. It allows you to turn off call waiting for all calls by removing the check mark highlighted next to “Call Waiting” in the picture to the right. With one click of the mouse, your call waiting problem will disappear.

Killing call waiting may seem to be a bit draconian, however. MagicFeatures has that problem covered too. It lets you turn off call waiting for just one call. Just pick up your phone and dial “70”, wait for a dial tone, then dial the number you'd like to call. You'll be able to converse without interruption for that phone call, and your call waiting service will be restored to normal as soon as you hang up.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question or comment about using the call waiting feature offered by MagicFeatures? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. How do I stop “Call Waiting”?

    1. Author

      Hi Joseph –
      I know call waiting can be a bit of a pain, especially with the elections bearing down on us.
      Unfortunately, I only know one way to put an end to call waiting, and it’s a two part solution.

        First, you have to connect your magicJack to a computer running a Windows operating system, and run your magicJack from a USB port on that computer. You could use any small, low power computer and let it run all day, every day. Two examples of such small computers are thinclinents or a netbook. Mine uses about $25 per year to keep it powered up 24/7.
        Add MagicFeatures to your mini-computer. It’s a plugin that gives your magicJack a wide range of other features – including the ability to turn off call waiting.

      Best of luck with it!

      1. Please pass to on Magic Jack that it’s very irritating to be unable to turn off call waiting in my account online. The “70” thing doesn’t work for me, because I can’t hook up to a computer. If call waiting allowed me to see who is interrupting the call, it would be okay, but it doesn’t. So I often hang up on a friend “just in case” and because the constant beeping is awful, only to find out it’s a sales call or something.

        Also, this box is forcing me to type in white text on a white background! I can only see what I’m typing when I go back and highlight it. What’s up with that!!

      2. Author

        Greetings Diane –
        Sorry to hear you can’t use MagicFeatures with your current setup.

        There is a clutzy feature magicJack offers that can eliminate automated bots, if you’d care to give it a try. Login to your magicJack account, hover over the Call Features tab, and click on Automated Call Screening. You can activate that service – but note what magicJack has to say about its functionality:
        When Automated Call Screening is OFF, no filtering of your callers will take place and all calls will ring normally on your magicJack phone(s).
        When Automated Call Screening is ON and a non-magicJack caller attempts to call your magicJack phone number listed to the left, the caller will be asked to dial a random one digit number. When calls come from an automated service, it is unlikely the service will provide the requested digit and the call will be disconnected. However, if the caller does push the requested digit within the 12 second window, the call will ring normally on your magicJack phone(s).
        While this feature will protect you from many automated calls attempting to sell promotions, it will apply this filter to ALL non-magicJack phone numbers, which may include doctor’s offices, airlines, schools, and more. Please consider this in your decision.

        As I indicated, not a great solution.

        Thanks for the heads up regarding white fonts in the comment box – I’ve verified the problem on this end, and will see what’s causing the problem. Most folks wouldn’t have sorted out what was happening. Kudos to you!


  2. I just posted a comment and got no confirmation that it went through. Also very annoying!

    1. Author

      Hi Diane –
      The site gets a *lot* of spam comments. In just the last 6 months, there have been over 3,000 spam comments. In an effort to discourage spammers, no comments go live until an actual human (that me!) looks at them and makes them live. The net is a great place to get information and help others out, but spammers have taken some of the shine off.
      Apologies for the annoyance 🙂

  3. Magicfeatures won’t disable call waiting, even after unchecking call waiting. Magicjack Plus 2014 is plugged into my computer USB 2.0 port, and works fine otherwise, but I can’t disable call waiting. Nothing showing that Magicjack Plus 2014 isn’t supported either. If you have a solution, please advise.

    1. Author

      Hi Ron-
      I can’t access my magicJack and MagicFeatures; I’ve been on the road for several days. The best answer will come from the MagicFeatures technical support folks though. You can catch them at [email protected].
      I’m interested in any magicJack & MagicFeatures problems and their solutions so I can help others. Let me know how it plays out?

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