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MagicFeatures; Making magicJack Caller ID better

Caller ID showing The Boss is calling Caller Id seems to be pretty straightforward. How could MagicFeatures make it better?

Right out of the box, magicJack works with Caller ID – as long as your phone has a Caller ID screen to support it. What's more, the magicJack Caller ID feature supplies the caller's name as well as their phone number (if your phone's display permits it). So what could MagicFeatures add to the mix to improve the magicJack Caller ID experience?

MagicFeatures adds a bit to the magicJack Caller ID secret sauce by including the phone number of calls received while you're on the phone. Call Waiting Call ID – what a concept. Taking that concept to the next level, MagicFeatures also provides the name of the person on call waiting as well.

What other tricks can MagicFeatures Caller ID do? If your phone supports the service, MagicFeatures will announce your caller's name and number verbally. Yep, that's right, it will talk to you to let you know whether you should jump up and grab the phone or relax and let it go to voice mail. How great is that?

MagicFeatures isn't always able to get the callers name from available records. If their name isn't available, the enhanced caller ID will display (and announce) the location of the caller's phone, for both Caller ID and for Call Waiting Caller ID.

The new Caller ID features from MagicFeatures goes one step further, though. If you press **5 during a call, MagicFeatures will do a reverse number look up to display a map on your computer showing the caller's location. Granted, the mapping functionality is limited in scope, given that the caller may be using a mobile phone, but the concept is interesting.

MagicFeatures takes Caller ID to the next level. It can reduce your anxiety level when important calls arrive, and help maintain your mellow by letting you know when telemarketers are ringing.


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