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MagicFeatures – Old School Features for Your Phone

There are several “Old School Features” that MagicFeatures adds to magicJack. They aren't easily categorized with other features such as call forwarding, caller ID, speed dial, or call blocker.  In some regards, they are old school features, carry-overs from the earlier days of telephony. For example, to return a call to the last person who called your phone, MagicFeatures lets you to simply dial 69. It's true that many phones keep an internal list of numbers from caller ID – but it's nice to know that MagicFeatures has backup for phones that don't. MagicFeatures also lets you dial 66 to redial the last number you called. Many phones have a redial function, but MagicFeatures has you covered if your phone doesn't. As such, it falls firmly under the heading “Old School Features”.

You may elect to use one of MagicFeatures speed dial  numbers to access your voice mail, or you could  dial your own phone number to do so. Alternately you could make use of MagicFeatures voice mail access number. Just dial 98, and MagicFeatures will bring up your voice mail account. It's a nice touch; another of the old school features that makes MagicFeatures so convenient.

Call recording - one of MagicFeatures "old school features"Yet another nice touch is MagicFeatures ability to record your conversation – just make sure it's legal to do so in your area. In some places, both parties have to agree to record a conversation, while in others only one party's consent is required. If you have the need (and consent), you can just dial *** at any time in the conversation to begin recording the conversation. MagicFeatures will continue recording until you hang up. Note that this feature only works if you are using one of the original (silver) magicJacks. It will not work with a magicJack Plus. If necessary, you can have MagicFeatures sound a “two party beep tone” while recording, which may be required in some locations. See the picture above, which shows the Call Recording section of the MagicFeatures dashboard. In it, you can also have MagicFeatures record all conversations made or received through your magicJack. Once you've made the recording, you'll be able to play it back using by clicking on the “View/Play” button in the dashboard.

Your magicJack lets you decide how long your phone should ring before it goes to voicemail. It's a handy feature if you want your own answering machine or fax machine to pick up on the call, or if you're just slow getting to the phone. MagicFeatures also lets you address having your own answering or fax machine by letting you double up on the rings.  Simply put a check mark in the dashboard to make your phone ring double time, as shown below. That is, it will ring once every 3 seconds rather than the normal ring every 6 seconds. The MagicFeatures solution isn't as elegant as magicJack's, but I thought I'd include it here in the interest of being complete.

MagicFeatures double ring - another of its"old school features"


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  1. the record call feature does not work with my magicjack go dongle .. i emailed the company as to when this feature will be updated and available and never received a reply .. does anyone have any info on this? .. i’m sorry i ever paid for the magicfeatures program!

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