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magicJack plugins - power your phones! Have you made the plunge, or are you just beginning to consider magicJack for your home phone service? Either way, you should know there are magicJack plugins and services which you can use to customize your phone system when used with Windows computers. Each of the plugins are a one time purchase – there is no monthly fee for their use. You can even give them a free test drive for 7 days to see if they meed your needs.

  • MagicFeatures is one of the most useful of the magicJack plugins. It installs in your computer just as any other program, and adds many features to your magicJack. For example, you can to block anonymous callers (those without caller ID), block toll free callers, or block specific phone numbers. You can even block entire area codes or exchanges within an area code. The plugin also lets you dial local calls with only 7 digits, adds speed dialing to your magicJack, and many other features. You will have to have your magicJack plugged into your computer to enable the additional features, however. Happily, you can have MagicFeatures automatically minimize the magicJack softphone window to your taskbar when the phone is not in use.
  • GVJack is another of the macicJack plugins. It links your Gmail account with your magicJack dongle. The plugin allows you to make free phone calls to the US and Canada with a magicJack and your Google Voice account. The magicJack dongle can be new or it can be one you bought used on eBay – it even works with an expired magicJack! Like MagicFeatures, GVJack allows you to block unwanted callers, anonymous callers, and callers from toll free numbers, block all calls (“Do Not Disturb”) or only let important callers ring through.
  • Magicsilence is a minimalist plugin for magicJack. It gives you complete control over the huge magicJack softphone window on your computer. You can prevent the dialer from ever appearing during incoming or outgoing calls. If you'd like a small alert for incoming calls, you can set this plugin up to show a small “Call Alert”. The alert shows the incoming call information, without showing the large magicJack dialer.
  • Skyjack is another of the magicJack plugins. It lets you use your magicJack to make and receive free calls over your phone from the hundreds of millions of Skype users. Like GVJack, Skyjack can be used with a new, used, or even an expired magicJack. Using Skyjack also gives you options to hide your caller ID number.
  • MagicContacts is unique among the magicJack plugins. It allows you to import contacts from sources such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo (among others). It will then display that contact information on incoming calls.

Do you have a question or comment about magicJack plugins? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.



  1. I have a *paid* 6 year magicjack contract   (invoice number xxxxxxx)   MJ showed a demand for renewal and will not allow me to use phone. Unable to reach assistance, please advise by e-mail

    1. Author

      Hi Robert –

      I’m not with magicJack, so I can’t address issues related to users’ accounts. Your best bet is to contact the TechChat service give them your invoice number, and see if they can sort it out. Best of luck with it!


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