MagicJack Models Reviewed

Cosmically Speaking, How Do magicJack Models Differ?

New magicJack products Since launching the original magicJack, MagicJack has periodically added new products to its lineup. Is it worthwhile buying a new model and retiring the your old dongle? With few exceptions, the answer is generally no. Renew your contract, and keep your old magicJack online with your old phone number. Don't be tempted by one of the new magicJack models to replace an older one. As an aside, you can continue to use an expired (dead) magicJack with GVJack. More on that later.

Aside from any benefit you may hope to get with, by purchasing one of the new magicJack models, you run the risk of having a problem when you set up the account for the new model or add it to your old account. Things happen – you've met Murphy, right? Even if you haven't met Murphy, you've had dealings with Murphy's law: if something can go wrong it will – and at the worst possible moment.

Soooo… you decide to get the latest and greatest of the magicJack models. What could go wrong? Let me lead you through a few possibilities.

  • You lose your phone number when magicJack moves your service to your new dongle. Ouch! For most, getting a shiny new phone number isn't seen as a step up.
  • You lose your old magicJack account. Your new dongle wasn't put on your old account. Instead, somehow it came with a new account number, and your contact list from your old account is gone forever.
  • Even if your account and your old phone number survive intact, you may find your account has changed. Your old magicJack may have had some feature(s) grandfathered in, and when you log in to set up your new magicJack, those features have disappeared from your account dashboard.

These are just a few of possible scenarios. Unless you have some pressing need to replace your existing magicJack, your best bet is to stick with your tried and true model. Translation: if it aint broke, don't fix it.

Having said that, here are features (and some comments) about magicJack models over the years. Enjoy!


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