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How's magicJackGO for Cheap Phone Service?

Cheap phone serviceMagicJackGo provides the same cheap phone service you've come to expect from magicJack. Their marketing department has put a new spin on the magicJackGo, but what's really changed since magicJack launched its original silver magicJack?

It turns out not much. The original magicJack gave customers lot of bang for the buck. It helped many make ends meet with cheap phone service. MagicJack didn't address customers' equipment and software issues though. Customers have complained long and loud, but magicJack turned a deaf ear to them. The company only offers an online chat service for technical support. They offer no retail presence or phone contacts to assist customers.

MagicJack continued to offer cheap phone service when they launched magicJack Plus in July of 2011. The new dongle eliminated the need for a computer. Sadly, customer service continued to be poor (at best). MagicJack made minor changes when they introduced the magicJack Plus 2012. The new dongles continued to provide the company's core value, cheap phone service, but provided no additional features.

MagicJack Plus 2014 hinted at additional functionality with some additional ports on the dongle. In the end, the ports amounted to nothing. Now we have magicJack's latest offering, the magicJackGo. Does magicJackGo provide anything more than the cheap phone service offered by the earlier versions? In a word, no.

The magicJackGo is functionally the same as that of the magicJack Plus. Like the Plus, magicJackGo provides cheap phone service when plugged into a computer or directly into a router.

Like all magicJack's products (including the original magicJack), it allows free use of the magicJack App on most smartphones. The magicJack app adds your magicjack phone number to your smartphone, and allows you to carry your home phone with you in your pocket.

And finally, like all magicJack's phone dongles since the company began selling VoIP systems in 2007, the new magicJackGo provides cheap phone service.

Nothing has changed. MagicJack has updated their web site, and given their product a new look. Justifiably, some customers continue to bad mouth magicJack's marginal customer service.

Perhaps magicJack will package SMS texting ability in their next product offering. Perhaps they'll beef up their customer service department.

We can always dream.


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