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MagicJack Plus; VoIP without a Computer

Have you read part one of the information about magicJack Plus?

MagicJack Plus became a reality in 2012. The new offering from magicJack gives you home phone service over the Internet – but doesn't require the use of a computer. Instead, the new dongle can be plugged directly into a cable or DSL modem. If your modem doesn't support more than one connection, you can connect it to one of the ports on a router. In addition to an Ethernet port, the dongle also has a port to connect your phone and a USB connector. The magicJack Plus normally draws power from an adapter supplied by magicJack, but can also be plugged into a USB port on a computer, exactly the same as the original magicJack.

Using your magicJack Plus account to call from your smartphone MagicJack Plus – Still Travels Well

The ability to plug the magicJack Plus into a computer is very useful when traveling. This feature allows you to make phone calls using the wireless network in hotels and at wi-fi hotspots. Like the original magicJack, the magicJack Plus does not have the ability to access wi-fi signals on its own. When it's plugged into a laptop, it can access any nearby wireless network.

There's Magic in the Air – MagicJack Apps

Those who have Android smartphones or iPhones, iPads, or touch iPods can make magicJack calls while on the road by installing an app. The app allows your smartphone to access your magicJack account – even if you don't have your magicJack or your computer with you! Keep in mind that the app links your magicJack and smartphone by serial number. This may be an issue if you want to sell your smartphone or your magicJack. Similarly, if you intend to purchase a used smartphone or used magicJack, verify whether they've previously been used with a magicJack app.

Those who keep their magicJack Plus plugged into a computer can take advantage of the benefits MagicFeatures offers. Those benefits include call blocking, 7 digit local calling, speed dial numbers, and a host of other features.

Conclusion – Well Worth the Risk

The bottom line? MagicJack Plus seems to be a healthy step up for many owners of the original magicJack. Coordinate your purchase with the expiration of your old magicJack subscription though, because you can't transfer any  subscription remaining on your original magicJack to your new magicJack Plus.


Do you have a question or comment about upgrading to magicJack Plus? Drop a note in the comment box below and put it out there for all to see! You may find the answer you're looking for – or perhaps you'll hear from another sympathetic user.


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