magicJack Scam! Beware!!

magicJack Scam Warning

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Mary Kennon, the Vice President of Consumer Experience at magicJack. She asked me to spread the word – there's a magicJack scam in the wild, and magicJack's doing its best to shut it down.

avoid magicjack scam It's not unusual for a magicJack customer who runs up against a  problem to try to resolve it by first  searching for help. Some of those customers find online technical assistance – for a fee.

There is never a fee for technical assistance from magicJack! Ms. Kennon wants everyone to know that magicJack never charges for technical help  nor do they ever ask for the customer's password to login to their magicJack account. If you find yourself talking to someone who asks for either money or for your password, you've just had a close encounter with a magicJack scam. Close the browser tab or hang up the phone – it's time to head for the nearest exit!

The only legitimate magicJack help is to be found at their TechChat support system. If you’re hung up on a problem, head to the magicJack tech chat page. Just click on the search button on that page (no need to put anything in the search field), then click on the red “I’m Online!” banner on the next page. Note that the TechChat system is only open for business between 9AM and 10PM Monday through Saturday, and from 10AM to 7PM on Sunday, east coast time in the US (EST). If your magicJack subscription is paid up, you have free access to their TechChat system. Accept no substitute – especially if the alternative is asking for your money or your password!

Exactly what form does a magicJack scam take? Have a look…

… a middle easterner ask to get inside my computer system to fix it. He said simple fix so I let him into the system and he claims to find all kinds of problems and it would cost me big dollars for him to fix it.

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If you get someone on the other side of an 800 number and they have an India accent. HANG UP!!! They are rip offs. I have and the federal Attorney Generals office going after them. They will tell you that they will only charge you 30 or so dollars and then take 200 plus out of your account. And because they are in New Deli India, good luck getting your money back. You will have to close that debit or credit card and get a new one.

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Man holding head in disbelief after being scammed These are just two of the scams being run which target magicJack customers. You may have problems with magicJack from time to time, but you should only consider free solutions taken from forums which discuss magicJack, websites such as this on that offer some guidance, or from the TechChat service discussed above.

The scammers may even seem legitimate when they ask you for your email address, your magicJack phone number, your magicJack password, and your credit card details – many of the pieces needed for outright identity theft!

If you get stung by someone running this magicJack scam, they don't have your best interest in mind. Be careful out there!